Central Indiana BBB Staff


 Tim Maniscalo, President/CEO



Cathy Armour, VP Operations

Kathy Kellar, Director of Business Development

Diane Dove, Director of Dispute Resolution

Rhonda Gillespie, Information Services Director

Julie Potter, Information Services Specialist

Wendy Dych, Senior Accreditation Services Director

Jaleen Monroe, Business Manager

Courtney Kelley, Advertising Review & Investigations Specialist

Peggy Richardson, Dispute Resolution Specialist

Jamie Hayes, Accreditation Services Specialist 

Theresa Davis, Accreditation Engagement Specialist

Catrina Nash, Accreditation Services Specialist

Julia Thorpe, Marketing Communications Specialist

Laura Moore, Business Relations Consultant

Avis Newsom, Business Relations Consultant

Brian Ward, Business Relations Consultant

Allen Drago, Business Relations Consultant