Central Indiana BBB Staff



Tim Maniscalo

         Cathy Armour                                   Kathy Kellar                                  Wendy Dych
           Cathy Armour                                         Kathy Kellar                                         Wendy Dych
         VP of Operations                                       Director of                                    Senior Accreditation
                                                                      Business Development                          Services Director        

Diane Dove, Senior Dispute Resolution Specailist

Rhonda Gillespie, Senior Consumer Services Specailist

Julie Potter, Information Services Specialist

Jamie Peters, Business Manager

Courtney Kelley, Advertising Review & Investigations Specialist

Peggy Richardson, Dispute Resolution Specialist

Jamie Hayes, Accreditation Services Specialist 

Theresa Davis, Accreditation Engagement Specialist

Catrina Nash, Accreditation Services Specialist

Natalie Macy, Communications Specialist

Laura Moore, Business Relations Consultant

Joy Elsey, Business Relations Consultant

Tracey Myers, Business Relations Consultant

Robert Bates, Business Relations Consultant

Jessica Snow, Business Relations Consultant

Eliot Kimmel, Business Relations Consultant