Don't Worry! You Didn't Really Miss Jury Duty.

People across the state are receiving emails, voicemails, and and text messages informing them they missed jury duty and need to pay a fine or face arrest.
April 07, 2014

The con-artists are  telling recipients they missed jury duty and must call immediately to avoid jail time. When the victim calls back, the con-artist then ask for personal information, including social security and/or credit card numbers.

Hawaii's  BBB urges you to not give out your personal identifiable information as it can lead to identity theft. Here are a few tips for spotting the Jury Duty scam. 

  • As a rule, jurors are not summoned via email, text message or phone. The court normally communicates through postal mail.
  • Do not provide credit card or social security numbers to anyone claiming to represent the court system over the phone.
  • If you ever question whether you need to appear for jury duty, call your local court system to check.