One Ring Phone Scam Dialing In On Hawaii Residents

March 04, 2014

Consumers around the country report an increasing number of what is known as the "One-Ring Phone Scam." Perpetrators of this scam program their computers to blast out thousands of calls to random cell phone numbers, ring once, and then disconnect. 

This scam relies on consumers calling back missed calls, which then connect them to a paid international adult entertainment service, 'chat' line, or other premium service located outside the country. 

Victims who return the call are billed a $19.95 international call fee, along with per minute charges for the unwanted "premium service," which can be $9 per minute or more. In some cases, the scammers may only put through a small charge of several dollars, so it won't arouse suspicion. 
Hawaii's Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers not to return the call if you don't recognize an out-of-state telephone number on your caller ID. BBB urges consumers to check their cell phone bills carefully and inform their carrier if they spot any unauthorized charges. 
You can view KHON2 Action Lines recent segment on this scam by clicking here.