Don't Get Hooked by This Latest Phishing Scam

Don't get hooked by the latest round of phishing texts claiming to be from your bank!
March 25, 2014

The names of local and national banks are fraudulently being used in an attempt to steal your personal information. Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau® (BBB) is issuing an alert to remind consumers to never provide personal information to anyone you do not know.

Recently we have received an increased amount of reports from local residents who are receiving text that appear to be from local banks. These texts lead consumers to believe there is an issue with their credit or debit card and immediate action is required.

When consumers have called the number given, they are asked to provide their personal information, such as their card number, banking pin, expiration date and CVC number to “confirm” they are the authorized account holder.

If you receive a text claiming that your card needs to be re-activated or verified, BBB advises that you:

  • Do not give out your personal information.
  • Call your financial institution directly if you believe there is an issue.
  • Do not respond to the text or click on any links provided.

Report the message toyour cell phone carrier’s spam text reporting number. If you’re an AT&T,T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint or Bell customer, you can forward the text to 7726(SPAM) free of charge.