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Did you know that being BBB Accredited can be one of the strongest things you can do for your online presence?
July 24, 2014

You’ve probably seen BBB’s Accredited Business seal around town. A sticker on a window, a plaque on the countertop or even a magnet on a passing truck. Accreditation has proven to raise consumer confidence in businesses that are associated with BBB. The Accredited Business seal helps to establish trust between potential customers and your business.

But did you know that BBB Accreditation also provides an incredible boost to your online marketing? Being BBB Accredited can be one of the strongest things you can do for your online presence.

From an SEO standpoint, it is helpful to have backlinks coming from high authority websites, and is about as high-authority as it gets.

BBB’s Accredited Business Directory is exclusive, you must be a BBB Accredited Business to be listed. Search Engines view this as favorable because they know the information is up to date, accurate and trustworthy. Which leads us to our next point!

Trust Value. Your BBB Dynamic Seal will help establish credibility and trust immediately. The seal also allows consumers to view your BBB rating and check out your BBB Business Review.

Your BBB Business Review is a mini website:  If your business takes advantage of all of the available features, your business review can achieve a very high organic ranking. Add relevant and optimized content to your Business Review (logo, images, videos, etc.). Make sure your information is up to date and contains your website information. Just imagine having your website and your BBB Business Review both show up on the first search page that your potential customers see.

If you are already BBB Accredited, be sure to take advantage of the SEO benefits that BBB can bring.  If you are not, just remember - One of the few things that SEO marketers know about search engines like Google with  absolute certainty, is that trust is a huge ranking factor. If you want search engines to know you are a trustworthy business, BBB Accreditation is a great way to go.

Get accredited now!  

Accreditation SEO Benefit Infograph