Maui Electric Company Warns Consumers of Bill Scam
November 21, 2013

On November 19, 2013, Maui Electric Company contacted Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau to warn that Maui Electric customers are receiving collection scam telephone calls from Michael Stevens of the Maui Disconnection Department at 413-391-2880

Customers are being asked to pay outstanding electric bills or face immediate termination of their electric service. Maui Electric has no affiliation with Michael Stevens and the Maui Disconnection Department and the calls are in no way related to Maui Electrics services.

You can read the press release issued by Maui Electric Company HERE.

If you have received this type of scam call regarding a non-existing unpaid bill, report it to Hawaiis BBB at 808-536-6956 or and to the State of Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs at 808-586-2653.

If Maui Electric customers receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to represent the company, please call the Maui Electric Customer Service Center at:

Maui: 808-871-9777

Molokai and Lanai: 1-877-871-8461 (toll free)”