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Hale Opio Kauai, Inc.

A BBB Accredited Charity since 07/17/2001.


BBB issues Charity Reports on all organizations, whether or not they are BBB accredited. If an organization is a BBB Accredited Charity, it is stated in this report.
Name: Hale Opio Kauai, Inc.
Phone: (808) 245-2873
Fax: (808) 245-6957
Address: 2959 Umi Street
Lihue, HI 96766
Report Creation Date: February 15, 2013
Report Expiration Date: June 18, 2014
Original Business Start Date: January 1974
Local Start Date: November 1974
Principal: Ms. LaVerne Bishop, Executive Director
Customer Contact: Ms. LaVerne Bishop, Executive Director - (808) 245-2873
Incorporated: January 1974, HI
Type of Business: Charity - Local
BBB Accreditation: This organization is a BBB Accredited Charity.

BBB Comments

The most recent report on this organization has expired. A new report has not been developed due to lack of inquiries.

BBB Charity Seal Participation

Charities that meet the Standards for Charity Accountability are eligible to participate in BBB Wise Giving Alliance Charity Seal program. The seal, which can be displayed on the charity's web site and in printed materials, helps inform the public that the charity meets these standards. This organization participates in this program.

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