Benefits of BBB Accreditation

Becoming an Accredited Business with the BBB Serving Central NC gives you access to exclusive programs and resources to better help you, Start with Trust!

Honesty, Integrity, Credibility

The mission of the Better Business Bureau is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. Your BBB has been providing information, education, and dispute resolution by promoting self-regulation in the marketplace for over 100 years. Although we report on all businesses, only those that agree to meet and maintain our standards can be an Accredited Business.

Trusted Accredited Business Reviews

BBB's Business profiles contain information consumers use to make buying decisions.  Last year we received over a half a million local requests for business profiles. BBB profiles contain the history and background of a business, provide up to date contact information, location, Principals, policies, type of business. Ratings and customer reviews are also available. In general it lets you know what you might expect based on the experinces other consumers have had with a business. 

Profiles also identify those companies that have agreed to uphold the BBB Standards and support the mission to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner.  Because of your committment, we can provide these profiles "free" to everyone. 

Now BBB is more in tune with your needs by providing easy access online and mobile friendly.

Advertise Your Accreditation

Only BBB Accredited businesses are authorized to use our seals. When consumers see the BBB seal, they know it stands for trust. Each Accredited business receives a certificate and decal in the Welcome packet. You can use the BBB seal on your marketing materials, vehicles, storefronts, etc. 

Accredited Business Directory

When consumers are looking for trust, accredited businesses can be easily found in the directory. Not only do consumers avoid doing business with unknown, fly by night operators but it significantly reduces your competition with them. If you really want your free listing to stand out you can purchase additional advertising features.

Dispute Resolutions Services

In the event your business receives a complaint and you were unable to resolve it on your own, we can help.  We can provide you with access to dispute resolution services. 

Customer Reviews

Customer experience reviews allow customers to post positive, negative or neutral reviews about their personal experiences with businesses, brands and charities. The additional information and current feedback is something consumers have told us is important to them when they chose to work with trustworthy businesses. Businesses like the idea too! It allows them to highlight some of the positive customer experiences on BBB’s website.

Request a Quote

Don’t miss out on new leads! Through your Accredited business profile, potential customers can ask questions, obtain estimates, quotes or proposals. Consumer requests will be sent directly to your email.


You will receive our e-Newsletter that will keep you updated and informed about scams and things that are going on in the marketplace as well as BBB events.

Torch Award

This award recognizes and honors companies who demonstrate best practices in leadership, character and high standards of organizational ethics that benefits their customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and communities. The award embodies the Better Business Bureau mission of advancing trust in the marketplace.

Networking & Events

Several times a year we have special events. Such as our annual Golf Tournament, maybe you’d like to attend an After Hours Networking Social and twice a year we provide free document shredding.

Accredited Business Hotline

BBB Accredited business have access to a hotline number that allows you to speak directly to a BBB representative during normal business hours.

Tax Deductible

BBB Accreditation dues are tax deductible as a necessary business expense.