Bogus BBB Job Offer

April 14, 2014

BBB is advising job seekers about a bogus job listing on Craigslist for a “Customer Service Representative” with the BBB. 

The listing is for a new BBB office in Hayward, and is asking anyone interested to call 408-679-6310. BBB warns that the listing is false and BBB is not hiring Customer Service Representatives at this time nor have we opened up a new office in Hayward.

BBB was informed of the listing by a prospective applicant who tried calling the number but found that the voicemail box was full. BBB has also tried calling but, as of the posting of this article, have been unable to reach anyone.

BBB warns to be cautious and not give out personal information when responding to ads. We are currently investigating this matter and ask anyone having information to please call us at 866-411-2221.