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Sequoia Equities

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Customer Complaints Summary

17 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 6 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues7
Problems with Product / Service10
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints17

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (17)BBB Closure Definitions
02/07/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint: I sublet an apartment from ********** in ****** **********, 'as is.' It was not even possible to have the carpets cleaned. The place was dirty, and not well kept. As I moved in, I spent a whole weekend working hard to clean the apartment to a livable condition. The pre-move in form, filled out by the previous resident from whom I sublet the apartment, listed the carpets as stained, had many spots and were not clean. The paint was listed as touched up with spots still visible. In the form to describe the condition of the apartment the word stain appears 4 times, dirty 3 times, scratches 3 times, and the words damaged, broken, missing, not new, and many spots. This apartment was not clean or well-taken care of. I cleaned the apartment to a much better condition before moving out and when I moved out, the apartment office employee got my new address to send me the deposit check. However, few weeks later, I shockingly received a letter from them stating not only my deposit would not be returned, but I should also pay over $300 for cleaning charges including: Carpet Cleaning: $85, Cleaning: $210, Painting: $216. Regardless that the apartment was in much better condition than when I moved in. These charges seemed unreal and the situation looked like a fraud as the letter was prepared within few hours after I moved out. I moved out around noon on Saturday Aug. 31 (when the letter is dated) and their office closes at 6pm. It means their cleaning crew was waiting for me and immediately after I moved out they cleaned the two bedroom apartment, cleaned the carpet, painted the apartment, sent the cleaning cost report to the office, and the office prepared the letter to send it to me. All of these were done in 5.5 hours on Aug. 31, when A LOT OF residents move out as the fixed-date annual contracts are ended. Then they waited 12 days to mail the letter to me (as it is postmarked on Sep 12, 2013)

Initial Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ******* ****
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****

We are in receipt of the consumer letter regarding the Tanglewood Apartment Community, apartment ******

We are very sorry to hear of the dissatisfaction with the final billing for ***** ******* and hope that we can clarify the charges applied against the security deposit.

As previously stated, ***** had gained possession of apartment B219 on an ''as is'' condition. Any pre-existing and unsatisfactory condition of the apartment upon *******'s move-in should have been addressed with the resident he took possession from, as the original security deposit Tanglewood collected stayed on hand until possession of the home was returned to us. We cannot be held responsible for any transactions which occurred privately between the occupants. The charges applied to the security deposit were prorated to reflect pre-existing conditions based on the initial start of the Lease Agreement, on 9/4/2012, as well as reflect deductions for normal wear and tear during the entire lease term.

Please find attached Lease Agreement signed by *****. It is the lease holders responsibility to return the apartment to the condition as left to the residents on 9/4/2012; limited to pre-existing conditions (prior to 9/4/2012) and normal wear and tear.

In reference to the charges pertaining to the carpet cleaning - the invoice reflected a total of $100.00 for cleaning the carpet in the apartment in order to bring the condition of the carpet back to the original condition. However, due to pre-existing stains on the carpet previously reported, the charge applied to the account reflected a reduced charge of $85.

Pertaining to the paint needed in the apartment, this too was prorated based on the 12 month length of the residency in the home. The original invoiced amount reflected $289, however the resident was charged 75% of this invoice to allow for the normal wear and tear, which totaled $216.75.

The charges for the apartment cleaning were invoiced at a total of $230. However, this charge was also revised to reflect $175 due to pre-existing conditions.

Moreover, in regards to the date of the invoices, as seen in the attached documents, the resident vacated the premises on 8/31/2013; the invoices for all charges were dated for between 9/2/2013 and 9/3/2013.

Lastly, the Community Manager was first contacted by the Attorney for ***** ******* on December 5th, 2013, in which they have exchanged letters and phone calls dating back from December 17th, 2013 to current.

After further review of the account, we feel there are some adjustments that can be made as a customer service gesture.

We would be willing to omit the painting charges in the amount of $216.75 as well as reduce the cleaning charges to $115; leaving the final balance due $0.00. After the revisions are made to the account, we will consider this matter closed, and no further collection efforts will be made.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

01/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior service

Complaint: Disregard of all emergency maintenance service needs
I was residing in a second story apartment owned and managed by this company. The kitchen ceiling lamp filled with water from mis direction of an air conditioner overflow. Then causing the fluorescent ceiling light to fall and water to pour through in a rush flooding the cook top, stove and kitchen floor. The lamp hit my father in the shoulder and we were standing in a lake of water with electrical wires popping around us. The fire department was called and they too were unable to get a response from this property management company. I was forced to stay in a hotel unable to feel safe in my residence.

Initial Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ******* ****
Contact Phone: (***) ***-****
Contact Email: *****@***************.com

We are happy to review the concern referenced by ******** ******. However, we will need a bit more detail in order to come to an amicable solution for this concern.

Would it be possible to gain the following information from the consumer?

1. Which Sequoia Apartment Community did the resident reside in?
2. Which apartment number did the resident reside in?
3. What was the date of the event she is referring to? (involving the ceiling light and flood in the apartment)
4. Are there any documents she can provide in relation to the compensation and reimbursement request?

Thank you, we look forward to resolving this matter.

Consumer Response

I have been under medical care and not able to reply instantly to the requests. I wish this case to remain open as I have a tremendous amount of expense associated with this complaint as well as emotional impact.

The case # ******** (ref 24-*****)

Thank you

******** ******

Business Response

We are happy to review this concern. However, we would still require the following information in order to fully understand the details and come to an amlicable solution:

1. Which Apartment community did the resident reside in?
2. Which Apartment number did the resident reside in?
3. What was the date of the event being referred to in the original complaint?
4. Are there any documents that can be provided in relation to the compensation and reimbursement request?

Thank you, we look forward to resolving this concern.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

09/27/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to correct billing errors

Complaint: I am being charged for a letter that was overnighted from my former apartment complexes law office to me.
I am being charged for a letter that was overnighted from my former apartment complex (*******) law office (*******LLP) to me that I had nothing to do with. It was dated March 17, 2013.In the letter the Law Offices sent stated I could stay at the apartments and ******Village not offering me the opportunity to sign a new lease was done in error. I was told on March 1, 2013 that I would not be able to sign a new lease from ******. I contacted the leasing office and they told me the letter was sent to me in error from their law firm. I talked to the manager ******* at ******. I should not have to pay for legal services that my former complex uses for legal reasons when I did not hire the law office. Furthermore; the letter was sent in error and the complex would not honor the legal services that were overnighted to me.

Initial Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ******
Contact Phone: *******
Contact Email: *******

The aforementioned concerns have been reviewed and we agree the charges can be adjusted to comply with this request.

The credit on ******account in the amount of $138.58 has been applied and I have attached revised the Final Account Statement to reflect a new balance of $180.69.

At this time we would like to request the resulting balance be paid immediately to avoid further collection efforts.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

08/15/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior service

Complaint: Carpet with what appears to be mold, and patched carpet with different colors. Orders coming from carpet.
I have reached out to the Property manager on June 6th, 2013 describing that the maintenance manager discovered urine smells in my carpet while working on it. I requested for the carpet to be replaced due to the carpet orders, and dirtiness after being cleaned professionally three times within 45 days.

The carpet is now patched with different colors, and has been tested by an Eco Company in their lag to show heavy abundant mold in the carpet. The results were sent to the Property Manager, and CEO Mr. **** *******

Still no new carpet being installed.. I have three children in this apartment ages 2 1/2, 4, and 5 years of age.

I am requesting rent be refunded from June and July in full with the deposit of $500 be refunded in full upon move out within 21 days.

My family and I have agreed to move out for our health and welfare. The management has agreed to no penalties to be charged for a 42 day early move out from the lease ending. The building hasn't replied to a refund, or replace the carpet completely with padding.

The carpet is dirty, orders, appearance of three types of abundant mold. The Washer isn't working and hasn't been worked on in two days since the maintenance request.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ******** ** ********* ***
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: *****************
Sequoia Equities respectfully denies the basis for Mr. ******'s complaint.

Mr. ****** resided at a Sequoia Equities property in Southern California for approximately two (2) years before terminating his lease early in July of 2013. Mr. ****** first notified Management of a carpet issue in late May of 2013. Specifically, Mr. ****** requested that Management stretch his carpet. Management responded immediately and stretched the carpet per Mr. ******'s request. Mr. ****** then advised Management that the carpet issue had been resolved to his satisfaction.

Thereafter, in June of 2013, Mr. ****** complained of an odor emanating from his carpet. This was the first time Mr. ****** mentioned a carpet odor issue to Sequoia Equities. Management promptly arranged for his carpet to be cleaned. Mr. ****** then terminated his tenancy and vacated the unit in July of 2013.

Sequoia Equities is a professional real estate management company, which employees professionally trained individuals who specialize in property management. Sequoia respectfully denies Mr. ******'s claims, and maintains that they have at all times acted swiftly and diligently to address any and all maintenance issues in Mr. ******'s apartment.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Sequoia Equities is prepared to offer Mr. ****** an appropriate rental credit in an effort to amicably resolve this matter.

Consumer's Final Response
Dear Ms. ******,

I request that the complaint against Sequoia Properties Complaint Case # XXXXXXXX be closed immediately. Both parties have agreed to terms and conditions.

Can you please respond that this email will be sufficient to close this complaint, and that you have received my email?

Thank you,

**** ******

Complaint Resolution: Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

07/08/2014Problems with Product / Service
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10/23/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a contract or agreement

Complaint: Sequoia & the Alize at the Alize Aliso Viejo Mgmt Co. does not enforce or oversee its very own pet policies and procedures which lead to an attack.
I am a resident of the Alize Apartments in Aliso Viejo and I chose to take residence here based almost solely on the fact that they were a "pet friendly" complex, with a ''restricted breeds'' list for dogs. This list of restricted k-9 breeds is followed by most apartment complexes as the dogs listed are considered too dangerous to have in close approximation to residence and pets and is only way to ensure the safety and well being of their tenants.
To begin my dog and I were attacked by a Bloodhound aka Rhodesian Ridgeback on April 13th, 2013. After my attack I reached out to my Apartment manager to try and locate the dog owner and to ensure no other residences, including children and pets, were allowed to come in contact with this dog as the attack on my dog and I was totally unprovoked. Rather than show concern, or offer information, I received no help from the Alize management. They never asked if my dog or I was okay but just wanted to argue that they had no liability or responsibility in the matter. I then filed, on my own accord, a report with the Animal Authority of Mission Viejo. The Animal Authority took the incident report on the attack of my dog and I (I can provide a copy) and determined that the dog that attack my dog was an African Bloodhound aka Rhodesian Ridgeback.
According to the Alize's own website and lease agreement blood hounds are not allowed to take residence in my complex, whether mixed breed or not. After my original meeting I went back to the Alize manager to inform her that the dog that attacked me and my dog was a breed listed on their restricted list. She informed me she had been contacted by the animal authority and the owner of the dog had just been served with a 30-day eviction notice, as the dog that attacked me and my dog was in fact on the restricted breed's list. However, 30 days has now long since come and gone and the owner and the dog that attacked my dog and I are still living and walking in the Alize Apartments. I have seen them walking as early as yesterday; same sidewalks where I walk my dog and same place where we were attacked.
It is in my opinion that the Apartment management has decided that public and pet safety are not their primary concerns but that profits and renting units are far more important. I feel the attack on my dog and I was a direct result of the Alize Management Co. not enforcing its' own policies and procedures set forth by them and the lack of oversight by Sequoia Equities, LLC to ensure those policies and procedures were being adhered to by the management company of their property. If the Rhodesian Ridgeback that attacked me and severely injured my dog had just went through the procedures laid out in the Pet Policy via the Alize website, then the vicious and almost deadly attack on my dog would never have occurred as that dog would never have been allowed to take residence. Moreover, why is the Rhodesian Ridgeback still allowed to continue living in this complex when it is clearly on the restricted breeds list? I have not obtained legal representation regarding this matter but will do so if this complaint is not resolved to my satisfaction. I am requesting immediately that Alize Apartment's enforce the policies laid out in their own company advertisements and lease agreements.

Initial Business Response

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I am very confused. I am receiving what they are proposing is an INDEPENDENT investigation. What did they investigate? Moreover, how does the insurance company who would be liable in this matter be allowed to determine its' own liability? This is not the fox guarding the hen house but the fox investigating where did the chickens go?

Of course the company that would have to pay in these matters would find that they are not liable and of course the apartment management and owners would agree with the insurance company findings, as they would be paying higher premiums if they actually had to pay out a claim. I feel ridiculous just in having to respond to their totally biased and false claims in these matters. So I am supposed to pretend this matter did not occur because somebody writes a letter with an official business header?

The Better Business Bureau would be smart in not accepting this ridiculous dog and pony show as a legitimate and independently investigated matter. Nobody has even identified the "two witnesses" claimed in the insurance company's version of the attack on myself and my dog. While I have written statements from an INDEPENDENT tenant who witnessed the entire attack, including before and after, that contradicts their witness's self-serving and false statements.

There were only four witnesses to the event. One was myself, the other was a nearby tenant and the final two would be the owner of the dog who lied on his application when he applied to my apartment complex and his 4-year old son. The same owner who was dragging his child by the arm telling to "keep walking", as he fled the area where my dog was left yelping, bloody and near death. This information is included in the written statement by the INDEPENDENT witness, as she described what happened immediately following the attack.

In conclusion, the aforementioned are facts that are not in dispute and can be testified to. This includes the fact that my dog was on a leash at the time she was attacked and that the leash only came off after she was violently shaken, as the 80 pound attacking Rhodesian Ridgeback was attempting to kill her. If I had not risked my own life by grabbing that the dog, then my dog would never have survived. My own emergency veterinarian said that given the deep bites in my dog's rear section, head and neck, that given the violent nature of that breed of dog, that nine out of ten dogs in similar circumstance would either have be killed or have to be put down.

Does this sound like we have a resolution? NO we do not.

Final Business Response

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

07/25/2012Problems with Product / Service
06/15/2012Billing / Collection Issues
09/26/2011Billing / Collection Issues
08/18/2011Problems with Product / Service

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