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AutoWest BMW Of Fremont

Phone: (510) 360-5900Fax: (510) 360-5931

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Customer Complaints Summary

16 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues5
Guarantee / Warranty Issues2
Problems with Product / Service9
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints16

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (16)
09/03/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Used, damgaed, Fleet vehicle with missing items sold as BMW Certified Pre Own (CPO) without replacing missing or damgaged items.
After car accident on 5/24/2013, compared CPO cars from 3 BMW dealers San Mateo, Freemont, East Bay for used car. Model chosen 550i GT at San Mateo and Freemont BMW in final comparison. Freemone BMW over $5000 less than San Mateo. Car had missing second key, scratched Navigation screen, damaged rear DVD screen, missing DVD remote and head phones, but was CPO. After car purchased on 6/10/2013, went to San Mateo BMW and was informed that all items should have been fixed or replaced for BMW CPO certification and to contact Freemont BMW to get issues fixed to bring car up to CPO certification standard, total cost of repairs estimate $5200.00. Contacted Freemont BMW who refused to fix damged equipment or replace missing DVD system headphones because previous "fleet" car owner was not charged for damaged/missing parts and price was lowered secondary to damaged and missing parts. Contacted BMW USA who verified that all items need to be replaced or fixed before car is CPO certified and would not take any action since dealership is independently owned.
2 emails sent with pics on 6/13 and 7/2 after phone conversation with no final response from Freemont BMW. BMW called after 7/2 to restate internal review and advized to contact dealer where car purrchased.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking that the car be brought up to the advertised Certified Pre-owned BMW USA standards with the replacement of all damgaged of missing items including: 2nd key $300 + programing $100, remote for entertainment system $40, wireless headphones for entertainment system $108.75 each, Navigation screen replaced $1992.90 + install $300, passenger DVD monitor $2391.47 + install $200. All prices came from Parts department at San Mateo BMW which has serviced my first and second BMW vehicles (528i and X5). At a total of about $5200.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ********, GM
Contact Phone: **********
Contact Email: ************************
The vehicle in question was not a lease return to us, but simply a used car that came from one of our owned BMW locations. CPO guidelines require us to supply all included original equipment once re-sold. In this case, the items would include: a second key (including programming), and a remote for rear entertainment. The car never came with headphones from the factory when new. This was always an available for purchase accessory. Navigattion and rear monitor entertainment screens must function under CPO guidelines. There is no requirement for replacement due to a scratch on the screen. Both systems functioned at time of purchase. We simply inspected the vehicle for all CPO requirements and resold the vehicle for the best and lowest price price possible - at which our customer fully appreciated at time of purchase.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I want to first thank the Better Business Bureau for processing my complaint because otherwise I would have never been able to get an honest and reasonable explanation from AutoNation Freemont BMW. According to the document submitted by AutoNation Freemont BMW, the issue was never whether there was missing and damaged equipment. The CPO guidelines gives the dealer the choice to fix the deficiencies above the minimal requirements. San Mateo BMW which had the exact same make and model vehicle instructed me to return to AutoNation Freemont BMW to have the things fixed or replaced the items that they would have done to CPO certify the vehicle. AutoNation Freemont BMW has the option to fix or replace anything that is functioning. All AutoNation Freemont BMW needed to do was to say that San Mateo BMW went above and beyond the minimal requirements for CPO certification, and that they decided to do the minimal requirements for CPO certification. That's a reasonable explanation. Lying about the origin of the car and saying that the issue were not fixed because the money was not collected from the previous owner is not a reasonable explanation. Knowing that this option is allowed by BMW USA, and the value of the items not fixed will reduce the value of the car, I feel that I paid a fair price for the vehicle and will pick up the extra key and remote control from AutoNation Freemont BMW. This has been 2 months of unnecessary frustration. As a Physician, I value professionalism and integrity which are not present at AutoNation Freemont BMW.

Business' Final Response
Once again, the certification process requires us to ensure functionality. ******** is an excerpt from the BMW CPO Inspection/Certification manual which describes the process, and philosophy as it relates to certification.

07/15/2014Advertising / Sales Issues
05/22/2013Advertising / Sales Issues
10/02/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

rushed me to sign contract on 6/1 after their business hour until 10pm+, while the car isn't ready

abused my credit even for cash purchase
The TOUGHEST day in my whole life. I can't hold back crying out and they yelled at my friend "REMOVE FROM THEIR OFFICE".

On 6/1/2014, I came to the dealership for a new ***************, cash purchase, price at $49,579.15 and the sales is ***** ******** But, then, the NEW car was sent to the body shop already to repaint its bumper and I was not able to picked up the car by the time I signed the contract and warranty started! Even worse, I chose cash purchase because I need my credit for upcoming home loan. The told background check for my identity now turns out to be an hard inquiry with comment "AUTO LOAN" recorded for 2 years. I asked where it is documented? At the beginning, they said its "nationwide policy". So I asked my friends, they said they didn't have that on record. And then, they said it's their company policy! But they didn't mention THEIR specific policy ahead of time! The dealership owns hundreds of cars all over the place, they had a hard time to find one loaner/rental car for me for about a week, really??

They rushed me to sign purchase contract on 6/1/2014 after their business hour(ends at 8pm) until 10pm+, which means the warranty will start at that time and you are responsible to pay insurance, while the car isn't ready! All because they need the sale for their interest/goals, as the sale period ended at every 2nd of each month(which means 6/2).
I asked them to extend the warranty until I indeed pick up the car. They said they could restart the contract but it is complex. They said NO. I should be only responsible for the auto insurance the time I indeed pick up the car, they said NO, at your own risk.
They abused my credit for cash purchase and left a "AUTO LOAN" inquiry record on my credit report, which is incorrect and unnecessary. And, credit bureau said dealer could and need to file a doc to remove it and I can't take any action. But, they refuse to dispute it, another NO.
My friend helped me forwarding my intent during my visit on 6/5, because I am not native and I was too emotional towards their attitude, I choked, broke up and can't express myself clearly some time. They pointed to her and yelled, "it's not your conversation and remove yourself from my office!" I feel really sorry for my friend. And it is extremely unprofessional and rude, not the attitude we should suffer.
I can't hold back crying the time they KINDLY "offer"/threaten me a REFUND and said I was asked for it, at the time I sold my car and all by myself, which I DIDN'T ask at all and I only came for a fair treatment on inquiry, warranty and insurance. I felt so hopeless and can't help crying since I sold my old car already and they intended to take back my new car.

By the time 6/5/2014, I am still not own my car in practice. Nothing has been resolved except they finally left me a loaner car. I was fooled and suffered too much I shouldn't, the hard inquiry, the warranty, the auto insurance and the attitude. The entire experience is exhausting and I even suffer from insomnia.

I am looking for your help on disputing the hard inquiry, correcting the warranty and reimburse the auto insurance.

Appreciated your understanding and any help!


Inquiry record extracted from my Experian report:


**** ******* ****
******* ** XXXXX
No phone number available Date of Request:

Address Identification Number: XXXXXXXXXX

Auto loan. This inquiry is scheduled to continue on record until Jul 2016.

Desired Settlement
I am looking for your help on disputing the hard inquiry, correcting the warranty and reimburse the auto insurance.

Business Response
Received business response via email on 7/28/14:

Several personnel here at the dealership have tried to resolve Ms. ****'s concern, but it seems she still isn't able to comprehend the logistics of a car purchase. Ms. ****'s car unfortunately had a minor scratch on the bumper, and we certainly wanted to repair to her satisfaction. Of course to perform the repair properly would take a few days, though Ms. **** wanted the warranty to not start. We explained that we have no control over that. She also didn't want to have to pay for insurance for those few days. We informed her that it was her choice to do that or not. As long as we weren't delivering the car, it wasn't critical to us for her to have insurance. She was also upset that we had pulled her credit report, which we did only after her approval via signature on an application. We informed her that we check everyone's credit for ID purposes for car registration accuracy. She was upset afterwards that the inquiry showed up on her credit report. We apologized, but could not alter the truth - her credit was indeed accessed. Finally - everyone should realize that our sales manager had offered Ms. **** a 100% refund to try and make her happy. This to was not a benefit in her mind!


Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I came for a new car, unfortunately the car is defective, not to mention I feel about it, at least, should the customer be responsible and pay for it, the insurance, the warranty? Any sense? Why can't the dealer finish the body work first rather rash me to sign after your office hour to meet your sale needs, which also triggered the warranty and afterwards let me pay for all that?

I consulted a number of friends, who made cash purchase on bmw or similar. They don't have any hard inquiry on their credit. It is not required by law. Also, for identity check purpose, soft inquiry itself is good enough. Imagine every time I rent a new apartment, they hard inquiry my credit, what it will look like? To make it worse, the hard inquiry record on my credit report says "Auto Loan"(as I mentioned in my initial complaint), which is the most unacceptable and incorrect. It has to be reverted.

By the time I had sold my car, my credit had been ruined and have started to pay auto insurance already, I can hardly agree that their yell and refund alone is a sincere offer/benefit for my sake without make up the credit and the money I had paid on auto insurance. It simply ruined anything without any good.

03/03/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

We purchased a warranty for five years or 100K miles.The contract specifies this. It has not reached the milage or years but BMW claims it is expired.
When we purchased the vehicle it came with a 5 year warranty. We are now being told that warranty is not really five years because it was a used vehicle. None of this is disclosed on the sales contract or by the sales team. In addition we purchased another warranty and that too, we were sold on under the premise that it was five years or 100,000 miles. However BMW insists that our warranty is expired even though it was never disclosed in writing and the sales contract states otherwise. We feel cheated, everything that was disclosed in writing has our purchase date on it, we were never told that we were buying a used warranty, nor is it stipulated anywhere on any of the paperwork. Furthermore we were never informed that our warranty was expiring until it had already supposedly expired. Even though we had our vehicle serviced recently and there were issues that the warranty would have covered yet those issues were not disclosed.

Desired Settlement
Honor the sales contract, we purchased a warranty under the ruse that it was 72 months or 100,000 miles, none of which have been met yet.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ********, GM
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *********
We are so sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding regarding BMW warranties. The extended Maintenance agreement we believe your referring to extends the pre-paid period from 4 years / XXXXX miles to a total of 6 years or XXXXXX miles, whichever should come first. BMW warranty coverages (as stated on the attachment provided) state coverages start from "original in-service" date of the vehicle.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thank you for your response. However, we are still left confused. The attachment you sent has nothing to do with our particular case. We were not given that information when we purchased our vehicle, and to hold us to a practice that we were not informed about or agreed to seems fraudulent. We were led to believe both in writing and by your sales team that we would be covered for a certain number of years and miles, both of which have yet to expire. There is nothing stipulated on our sales contract that the warranty begins before the purchase of the vehicle. I understood I was buying a used vehicle, I was never informed that I was purchasing an extended warranty that goes back to the original sales date. If that was the case it should have been clearly stated on your sales contract. Again, I would like you to honor what is in writing. Our sales contract starts on the date of our purchase, that leads us and other consumers to believe that the warranty also starts on the date of purchase. If that is not the case it should have been clearly stated in our sales contract. There is nothing mentioned on our sales contract to indicate otherwise. Moreover, if as you suggest our warranty expired, why were we not informed when we last took our vehicle in for servicing that the warranty was about to expire. Furthermore, why were we not informed at that time that there were issues with the vehicle that the warranty would cover? By neglecting to disclose all of this information, we feel dubbed. We don't believe that an honorable and reputable brand like BMW should conduct business in this manner. Again, all we're asking from you is to honor your sales contract.

07/29/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

No response to written request and voice mails sent to General Manager for 2014 registration tags on vehicle previously owned by the dealer.
On 4/16/13 I purchased a 2011 BMW 335D previously owned by BMW Fremont. License # *****. Vin number *****. The registration tag on the car at time of my purchase was Feb 2013 (EXPIRED). I was told by BMW Fremont Finance that 2014 tags would be sent to me when the registration was transferred to my name. I called the DMV to confirm if this was correct and they told me that the car was registered to BMW Fremont through Feb 2014. DMV told me the 2014 tag should have been on the car at the time of purchase and they said that I WOULD NOT be getting new tags. DMV said if I needed a replacement tag then I would have to pay for it. I visited BMW Fremont and spoke with a sales rep who told me she would try to address the issue. On May 31 I hand delivered a letter to the BMW Fremont General Manager (GM) ***** ***** and I copied the Finance Dept. In the letter I explained the situation along with what DMV told me about not getting a new tag. I asked the GM for assistance to help me get the tag. There was no response so a few days after May 31 I left him a voicemail. Still no repsonse and I followed up with another voicemail to him about a week later. I have not heard back or recieved any response from the GM or anyone else at BMW Fremont. The temporary registration on the car expired June 16 and I still do not have 2014 tag. Since the car was registered to BMW Fremont prior to my purchase, then they should have ensured that the 2014 tag were on the vehicle. The Finance Dept. should not have told me that the tag was coming to me once the registration transferred into my name. I have now received both the Title and registration in my name, but as DMV said, there was no 2014 tag included with the registration document. This confirms that DMV will not be sending me new tags. I was hoping that by my escalating to the GM he would have intervened to help me get the problem resolved, especially since this was a car previously registered to BMW Fremont. I am hoping the Better Business Bureau can contact BMW Fremont to help me get the 2014 tag. I will also be contacting BMW of North America to let them know of this experience with BMW Fremont.

Desired Settlement
Send me the 2014 tag that should have been on the tag prior to my purchase. If they do not have the tag or cannot find it, then they should bear the cost for a replacement 2014 tag.

Business' Initial Response
The DMV registration fees for the vehicle purchased were actually paid through 2013 and into 2014. The actual stickers appear to have been lost. The missing date stickers on the car signaled our staff to apply for registration renewal, for which we collected fees from Mr. Cooke for. Within a very short time, we immediately refunded Mr. *****for registration fees. At this juncture, license plate tags were still missing, and Mr. *****visited a DMV office to have those re-issued, at a cost of $19.00. We are very sorry for this inconvenienced trip. We have also issued a check for $19.00 to Mr. *****for the replacement stickers.

07/09/2013Problems with Product / Service
06/21/2013Problems with Product / Service
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09/22/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This company ran 2 hard credit inquiries for the exact same vehicle in June of 2015. I want one removed. Was told at dealership they can't help.
I leased a BMW 550i on 7 June from Chris Neal and financed through BMW Financial Svcs. for the second time. This company made a hard credit inquiry 2 times for the exact same vehicle. I want the one from the dealership removed the one from BMW financial svcs should remain as it is accurate and reflects my service provider.

Desired Settlement
removal of one of 2 hard inquiries for the exact vehicle financing by the same organization

07/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The dealership has elected not to service any of our BMW's, all under factory warranty, and including vehicles purchased from this dealership.
Our first bad experience with this dealership occurred over a set of new tires. The new set mounted resulted in the car pulling/drifting to the right which was mentioned to the dealership after driving off the lot. What ensued were several months of agony, returning to the dealership multiple times and even obtaining a professional opinion from a reputable 3rd party service organization. After months of wrangling back and forth and the dealership refusing to mount an alternate set of tires and trying to force us to stick with the set of tires causing the pulling/drifting I involved the tire manufacturer, Pirelli, of the problem with their tires. With the dealership's service adviser in a conference call with the Pirelli customer service representative, the Pirelli representative was quick in suggesting that the tires be returned under a "ride complaint" and that Pirelli would promptly refund the money to the dealership once the tires were received.

The service director of the BMW dealership chose to turn this experience into exasperation and disappointment by insisting that we would have to pay for the new set of tires to be mounted and that the dealership would refund us the money once received from Pirelli. As a customer it simply did not make sense to lay out over $3,000 for a set of tires, especially since the tire relationship exists between the car dealership and the tire dealership. As a BMW customer purchasing a set of tires through the BMW dealership I expected to get back a car that performs to the specifications and the original conditions, not to be forced to drive a luxury performance car under substandard conditions.

Car parts, including tires, can be shipped via express overnight or certainly within 3 days. I offered to leave our car at the dealership so that the tires could be returned to Pirelli and for them to issue the prompt refund. In this case the dealership would not be out the money for 2 sets of tires, even though they had the other tires (Bridgestone) in stock. The response to this offer from the service director was to put our car on "blocks" and have it sit outsite the repair facility. Furthermore he would not be providing us with a loaner car for the days while our car would be at their facility.

At that point I escalated the matter to the "new" GM (perhaps at the dealership for six month or less). The news of the tire problem were not new to him and certainly he could have intervened at the onset or during a discussion that had taken place two weeks earlier. He too chose to turn the meeting acidic and in conclusion made statements to the effect that he would now mount the Bridgestone tires, send back the Pirelli tires, and if not paid by Pirelli he would not service our vehicles in the future simply because he felt we are too difficult of a customer. Since the relationship over the tires is between Pirelli and the BMW dealership I have no knowledge of whether Pirelli has refunded the money to the dealership, but I have no reason to believe that a reputable tire company wouldn't refund the "promised" monies on a set of "defective" tires to a world renowned company like BMW. They have too much to lose.

Now with my BMW i3 a Engine Service light came on prompting me to stop and requiring diagnostics and service before seriously causing damage to the vehicle. This i3 was not purchased from BMW of Fremont and the GM has made many negative comments to us about this fact. However, it is BMW of North America that advertises that their dealerships will service cars all across North America no matter where the car was purchased. In BMW of Fremont refusing to render assistance with a critical fault, on a car under full manufacturer's warranty, is a breach of the BMW service covenant and put me and my car at great risk. Furthermore, a BMW X4 that was purchased at this dealership just 6 months ago will now also no longer be serviced by this dealership adding further frustrations and inconvenience.

Desired Settlement
1. Full escalation of the issue to BMW of North America and for BMW of North America to respond to our complaint directly.

2. A personal written apology from the dealership management of the poor services provided to date and for the refusal to service our vehicles.

3. A full reinstatement of services to which we are entitled under the BMW North America covenants and advertisements.

4. To ensure that we receive respectful professional treatment when we come to the dealership and are not being discriminated by the service personnel or receive substandard services or repairs.

5. That we are repaid the monies retained by the dealership on the cost differential of the tires. The Pirelli tires were $200 - $400 more expensive than the Bridgestone tires.

06/07/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Misrepsentation of services to senior citizens and disable veterans.
I brought my XXXX XXXi to fremont bmw to sell the car, I was rushed the entire time so they could get the car and my signing the paperwork and after everything was done, I was looking for my check and they told me you can't get it for another 30 days from then. I felt they could have let me know that from the start and I would not have sold them the car. Taking advantage of a older disabled vet is no way to run a business. It's going on 2 month's now and they are still giving me the run around about they don't know where my $27000 is as if they don't have tracking numbers now days.

Desired Settlement

11/19/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Originally purchased extended warranty and before my 30 days was up I ended up requesting cancellation.
Requested cancellation of all extended warranties within 30 days, found out that one was not cancelled as requested, contacted dealership again, only to find out they have no record of cancellation. Dealership sent over paperwork to fill out, sent paperwork back over to dealership, to find out they never sent it into the NAC. The man who was assisting went on vacation so I sen't the request directly to the NAC over 2 weeks ago, i still don't have my money back in my loan account and the dealership is off and on responsive.

Desired Settlement
I am looking to get my 2,495.00 back for the cancellation of the NAC warranty.

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