BBB Volunteer Spotlight

June 09, 2014

Michael Evans, Frederick Mutual Insurance, Shares his Experience as a Shred Day Volunteer 

Last month, BBB serving Greater Maryland hosted it second Shred Day - this time at Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick County. With the help of some awesome volunteers, we helped 303 families prevent identity theft by destroying 15, 000 lbs of personal documents including bank statements, medical bills, tax documents and much more. Since then, we caught up with Board Member, Michael Evans of Frederick Mutual Insurance to hear about his experience as a Shred Day volunteer.

Why did you volunteer for BBB Shred Day? 

frederick mutualAs you know, BBB has been targeting Frederick County for growth and this was the first BBB Shred Day scheduled for the Fredrick area.  I wanted to be a part of that since I do represent this community by working for Frederick Mutual Insurance Company which, by the way, is the oldest business in Frederick County and one of the oldest mutual insurance companies in the United States.  Aside from that, I was concerned that we might be short of volunteers because most of the board members do not live or work in the Frederick area.  BBB staff would have had a tough time without the volunteers.

Describe your role as a volunteer? 

I volunteered to remove the boxes from the cars and dump the contents into the shredder trucks.  After about the first half hour, we had an assembly line system working.  We had three stations and we were staffed to handle three cars at the same time.

What did you most enjoy about the event? 

The weather was perfect and both the volunteers and the BBB staff worked extremely well together.  Everyone was energized and focused on the task at hand.

What type of feedback did you hear from the attendees?

All the feedback was extremely positive.  We had at least one repeat customer, maybe two.  The lines were not extremely long.  No one had to wait a long time to get through. Everyone was polite and very friendly.  Most were very thankful just to get some of that paper out of their homes.

What did you think about the overall event? 

Overall, I thought the event was a huge success!  Though we may not have achieved the numbers that [Timonium and White Marsh] have in the past, those events are more established. This was a first for Frederick.