Would you miss $9.84?

January 29, 2014

Scammers are charging stolen credit card numbers a small amount of money. According to an investigation by former Washington Post journalist, Brian Krebs, recent victims of the scam were spotted in a lengthy thread in an Amazon help forum. All were charged $9.84, in what Krebs’ called in his Krebs on Security.com blog, “an elaborate network of affiliate schemes.”

Affiliate marketing programs help drive customers to other websites. Many affiliates are legitimate. Amazon, for instance, pays affiliate sites to send it traffic. But the “affiliates” popping up on consumer credit card statements with the $9.84 charge entailed dozens of foreign registered websites (Cyprus, India, UK) and appear to be charging stolen accounts.

For more information on this new twist on an old scam, visit our Scam Alert at BBB's Scam Source.