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BBB Educational Foundation, Inc. (BBBEF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to enhance consumer confidence through education and information. BBBEF is funded through donations and receives no state or federal money. All proceeds are tax deductible as a charitable contribution to BBB Educational Foundation. Our federal ID number is 52-1276325.

BBBEF programs include:

BBB representatives are available to educate members of organizations (i.e. Rotaries, senior centers, schools, churches, etc.) on common scams, helpful tips to become a savvy consumer, ways to find a reputable company, and more!
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Military Line

We provide free training, education and information to the U.S. Military through BBB Military Line under an MOU with the Department of Defense. With several installations including Aberdeen Proving Ground, Ft. Detrick, Ft. George G. Meade and the U.S. Naval Academy all within our service area, the need for our training and information is critical, so that these troops can focus on their mission.  

Charity Review
Many people have reported trouble finding information to help them evaluate a charity. In addition to financial activity, BBB Educational Foundation bases charity evaluations on board oversight, honesty and integrity in donor solicitations and a commitment to privacy.

Free Community Shredding & ID Theft Prevention

BBB hosts Shred Day each year In effort to help Marylanders take a stand against identity theft. This year local residents and businesses brought their personal identifying documents for shredding at The Avenue in White Marsh, Maryland State Fairgrounds and Harry Grove Stadium. Attendees also received free BBB gift bags with identity theft prevention tips. 


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