Torch Awards Judging


In addition to the Eligibility and Judging Criteria outlined in the nomination, the following selection process adopted by BBB | GMD’s Board of Directors will be administered:

Judge Selection - Ideal candidates are previous winners but other volunteers are not necessarily excluded as special circumstances may exist for consideration. A representative from the Board of Directors of both BBB Education Foundation and BBB | GMD will serve on the committee. The President/CEO must be in attendance, is permitted to provide information known to BBB about the business or the industry, but is not to serve as a voting member of the judging committee. There will be a total of seven voting members.

Conflict of Interest - To preclude any perception of or actual influence based on conflict of interest, judges whose own business is similar as the primary type of business of an applicant will not receive a copy of the entry nor be permitted to offer comment on that particular entry submission.

Judging Process - Both mathematical scoring of award criteria and open and confidential dialogue among judges and BBB President/CEO are utilized in determination of winners and finalists. Again, if there is a potential for conflict of interest, that individual will not be permitted to engage in the discussion related to the business with the potential conflict. The judge will be able to participate in discussion and decision with regards to all other candidates in that category. Additionally, the judging is a subjective process as determined by the judges and the judges selections are considered final.

Recognition - BBB will acknowledge/identify judges to ensure full disclosure of the process.