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Torch Award Advertising and Publicity Policy

This policy describes the conditions under which recipients (to include winners and finalists) of Better Business Bureau | Greater Maryland Torch Award or other business ethics-related awards may advertise and refer to their award in advertising campaigns and public announcements. (Prior to 2011, only winners may advertise).

Q. What may a local BBB award recipient advertise or announce about receipt of the award?

A. Provided there is prior review and approval from Better Business Bureau for all draft proofs of any advertisement or announcement a winner/finalist may do any or all of the following:

* Reproduce the following graphic with appropriate modifications

The advertisement or announcement using this graphic must also include the following information: “[Category of Recognition Received, e.g., “Winner”], [Year], Better Business Bureau of [Geographic indicator].”

* Reproduce a copy of the award, which must include the date of receipt;

* State the following: “[Year] [Recognition Received, i.e., “Winner”], Better Business Bureau | Greater Maryland Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence

* Reproduce a photograph of their receipt of the award, provided the award year is clearly visible;

* Issue announcements and press releases about receipt of the award within two weeks of its receipt; and/or

* Make a brief factual statement about the award and the required business qualifications.

Q. Where may a local BBB award recipient advertise?

A. The recipient may advertise within BBB’s geographic service area in the following media:

* Newspapers, periodicals, direct mail, billboards, annual reports, posters, flyers,television and radio spots;

* Off line yellow pages advertisements and directories; and

* ON LINE, on the company Web site (This is the only instance where a company may advertise its receipt of an award outside BBB service area.)

Q. For how long may a local BBB award recipient advertise?

A. The recipient may advertise for the award indefinitely, but only as long as they maintain a B rating at BBB.

Q. Whom do I contact at BBB to obtain review and approval of draft proofs for Torch Award advertisement

A. Forward draft proofs to Jody Thomas, BBB | GMD, phone: 410-347-8593; fax: 410-735-1812; email: Please allow 5 business days for review.