Application Process


Nomination - Deadline: July 9

Before completing the following application for BBB serving Greater Maryland's Torch Awards for Marketplace Excellence, you must submit the nomination form and receive notification from BBB that your business meets the eligibility requirements. As soon as BBB confirms your eligibility via email, you may start your application.

Should you have any questions along the way, please give us a call. We want to see your business put its best foot forward. Application Contact: Jody Thomas, 410-347-8593.

Application - Deadline: August 27 

The following four sections will be judged equally and will have a maximum point value of 25 each. Please be sure to provide a narrative for each section and provide supporting examples as identified below. If your company is not headquartered in BBB Greater Maryland's service area, examples and relevancy should be specific to GMD service area. 

Narrative identifying high ethical standards of behavior toward your customers, vendors, users, shareholders, employees and communities where you do business. 1 page max

    A) Examples of how your business demonstrates ethical standards surrounding the relationships above. 5 pages max
    B) Examples of charitable or community service projects. 5 pages max
    C) Testimonials or quotes. 5 pages max.
    D) Examples of environmentally friendly business practices. 5 pages max

SECTION 2: Narrative of your long-standing history/reputation as an ethical business in the marketplace. 1 page max

     A) Copies of awards, recognition, news articles, etc. 5 pages max 

SECTION 3: Narrative of the practices and policies your company uses to assure all sales, promotional materials and advertisements are truthful and accurate. 1 page max

    A) Examples of your sales, promotional materials and advertisements. 5 pages max.

     B) As appropriate, examples of improved (e.g. “before and after”) sales practices, promotional materials and/or advertisements. 5 pages max

SECTION 4: Narrative of how management practices and policies foster and promote an ethical workplace. 1 page max  

    A) Examples of management practices and policies that foster and promote ethical behavior in the workplace such as employee handbooks, management guidelines and employee benefits. 5 examples max
    B) Examples of a code of ethics or training policies used by sales staff that ensures transactions are made in an upfront and ethical manner. 5 pages max

    C) Examples of formal training and/or procedures used to address concerns an employee may have in dealing with an ethical dilemma. 5 pages max

    D) Cases where your company had to make tough decisions that had negative short-term consequences and led to long-term benefits. 5 pages max

Judging Categories

Your application will be judged against other businesses in the same size category with a maximum of four finalists and four winners, one each per category.

Micro 1-10 employees 
Small 11-50 employees
Medium 51-500 employees
Large 501+ employees

Submitting Your Application

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Thursday, August 27, 2015.  
Three ways to enter – choose what works for you!

  1. Electronic submission – FREE
    Email your application & cover letter as a word document or pdf. file to to
  2. Eight (8) copies by mail – FREE
    Return (8) copies each of your application & cover letter to BBB | GMD, attention Jody Thomas, 502 S. Sharp St., Ste. 1200, Baltimore, MD 21201-2445.
  3. One (1) copy by mail - $25 (payable by check to: BBB)
    Return (1) copy each of the requested information to the address above.


All submitted entries become the property of BBB and/or CBBB and cannot be returned. Winning applications will be made available for public viewing at BBB’s discretion for the purpose of future award workshops, information and training. Submission of the entry indicates acceptance of and agreement to public review of all contents in the future.