About the Torch Awards


BBB serving Greater Maryland Torch Awards for Marketplace Excellences pays tribute to businesses that demonstrate high standards of honesty and integrity toward customers, employees, shareholders and their communities. A panel of independent judges, including previous winners, evaluate nominees on common criteria: companies are evaluated on criteria that include an ability to identify high ethical standards; long-standing reputation; truthfulness and accuracy in sales, promotional materials and advertisements; as well as effective management practices and policies that promote an ethical workplace.

In order to be eligible for consideration, a business may not have received the award in the last five years and must: 

  • have a BBB rating of A- or better; if the business is not rated, it must provide the information necessary for BBB to create a Business Review and determine its rating
  • be in business – serving clients/customers - for a minimum of four years
  • utilize BBB | GMD’s dispute resolution services and process complaints locally, so that BBB | GMD has knowledge of the nominee/applicant’s customer experience factors

Submit an Official Nomination Form  (by July 9 and application by August 27) consisting of a cover letter and supporting documents outlined under the selection criteria.  

Nominees will be screened. Those that meet BBB|GMD eligibility requirements will be invited to submit an awards application.