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"These programs have allowed us to approach the consumer in a more credible way than conventional ads would, and our association with the BBB nurtures confidence in our brand"
- Allie V., Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions

Online Sponsorship Program
Increase your Accredited Business's exposure to the highly qualified consumers visiting The BBB Online Sponsorship Program provides exclusive placement of your business logo, banner and video commercial throughout highly visited pages on our website. For more information, click here.

Enhanced Listing with Leadgen
  • Your Enhanced Listing will provide premium placement at the top of your type of business category that will allow consumers to easily access your website, BBB rating, video commercial, and contact information. 
With Leadgen, the BBB buys, manages and optimizes Google ads to generate leads for your business.  Highly qualified consumers (leads) submit their information to us daily and their info is passed onto your business to bid.  All leads are submitted to you via email from your local service area. For more information, click here.