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Guardian Plumbing Services, Inc.

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01/30/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Guardian plumbing is the worst plumbing company that we ever had to deal with. Everything they did is done wrong, they should not be in business.
We had remodeled a building, a total renovation, and we called guardian to do the whole plumbing in this 4 story building, Mr. ****** ******** *** the owner came and gave us an estimate and told us it will be ready in 5-7 days and he never even gave us any contract to sign, we gave him 50% down for the job with a company check, in couple days he sends two man one of which was 78 years old to do this job, they started from the first floor and in 2 days the younger man had to go from what he told us for a surgery, and than he was replaced by an 18 year old kid, that knew nothing about plumbing, we had to make them redo many things because they were doing them wrong. The day came when they finish, Mr ******** finally sows up after we had called him many times complaining about many things they were done wrong, he got upset because we pointed out many things that were done wrong and he left. Little did we know that we had to call him back to come for the final approval with the town's plumbing inspector. We went to the town of ocean city trying to get another plumber they did not approve that, and we had to call Mr. ******** back, and he said for me to come in addition of the 50% I want another $1500 and he said that he wants cash, he will not accept check, on top of that or I will never show up for the final approval. Since was may already and we had no choice the season was starting, we told him we will give you a check, he said you will have to write the check in my personal name so I can go to the bank and cash it and than I will come to meet with the inspector for the final. Inspector comes finds few things wrong, and Mr. ******** tells him that he will take care of them no problem. Inspector approves it and goes. Here is a list of few of big things that had to be fixed, 1. toilet was flashing hot water instead of cold
2. three of the bathtubs were leaking water on the below bathrooms and the ceiling light bulbs were leaking water all summer long. they were many other smaller things done wrong, Mr ******** said was coming back but never showed up, now is the end of november and he still has not shown up.
All summer long the one toilet was flashing hot water and many people were complaining about the ceiling leaks and many others were complaining because in many showers the hot water and the cold water were switched, they had switched the hot and cold water in may showers, most of them. To this day we have not hear or seen anyone from Guardian Plumbing. No one should even consider hiring guardian plumbing, they did very terrible job and on top of that he took more money than we originally agreed, and this is the first time that we did not receive a signed contract from the company even though we asked for one.

Desired Settlement
we are requesting for the company to come and redo many things that were done wrong, or we can find another plumber and they can pay for whatever we get charged.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** ******** *** Pres
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ******
Thank you for the opportunity to respectfully submit our response to this complaint. We have been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau for almost two years and value what the Better Business Bureau brand stands for within the community. We chose to partner with the Better Business Bureau because Guardian Plumbing Services, Inc. takes great pride in the quality services we provide to all of our customers and the confidence we have done everything possible to ensure satisfaction to our valued customers. Our customers are the most important part of our business and it pains me to have one of them unhappy with us. Unfortunately, this customer does not hold himself to the same high and moral standards that he expects of others.

We were contacted by the complainant's brother, to remove and replace most of the interior waste and vent piping at their rental property on *** *** in Ocean City, Maryland. Upon the initial phone conversation, the complainant's brother told me the renovation project had been shut down by the Town of Ocean City for lack of any permits. With some reservations, I agreed to meet the complainant's brother at the property to assess the project. They had hired some workers with zero knowledge of the basic plumbing codes to install this piping. The plumbing work was hideous from what I could see of it! They had begun to cover it up with drywall when the Town of Ocean City put a STOP WORK notice on the building. He attempted to convey to me what the plumbing inspector, from his prior visit, would accept in the way of changes to bring the project up to code. It involved all waste/vent piping and fixture clearance issues. He did not mention anything about the water distribution piping which I noticed had the wrong type shower diverters (Scald guard is required) and they used the wrong glue to install the CPVC piping. There were many things, not mentioned, that were definite code violations. Based on what he was telling me and what I could see, I estimated between $8,000 and $10,000. I told him there may be other problems behind the drywall that I have not seen that could affect the final price. He told me they would supply all the material and I would supply the labor for the rough-in only. They would supply and set on the fixtures (toilets, sinks, faucets, etc.) I told him that I have many concerns and would like to set up a meeting with him, the plumbing inspector, and myself. Just so we were all on the same page with what had to be done.

After a phone conversation with the local plumbing inspector, all parties met on the job. The plumbing inspector made it quite clear, in front of the complainant's brother, how upset he was about the whole situation. The fact is he only agreed to meet because he had confidence in Guardian Plumbing Services to resolve this bad situation. Apparently, they had hired a local company before involving me. The other company got the permit and bailed before they started. During the meeting, the plumbing inspector reinforced my previous concerns. He wanted all the water piping, including the shower diverters, along with the waste and vent piping to be tore out and replaced. The bathrooms had to be reconfigured for clearance issues. The entire plumbing had to be installed in accordance to the local plumbing codes. After our meeting, I informed the complainant's brother that the water piping would be an additional $2000.00 over the original estimate. He understood. I estimated the project would take 5-7 days.

We obtained the appropriate plumbing permit and received a payment of $5,000.00 upon the start of the project, as agreed upon, "roughly" half of what the job would run. The work progressed quite well. The brothers were in and out most of each day. Bring material, checking up on the progress, and sometimes even lunch the guys. No mention of any concerns during the whole period of time. I had two plumbers, ***** and ****, from Monday through Thursday. Jimmy had to leave Friday for a scheduled surgery. I sent *****, *** **** on Thursday afternoon to replace ****** ** and **** worked through completion. We completed the installation in 7 days. There were a few extra tasks that we did for them which included replacing the entire water service from the water meter in the side walk area to the mechanical room. I scheduled the inspection and met the inspector. He was very pleased with our work. The inspection passed. The inspection included a water stack test on all the waste and vent piping and a 100lb. pressure test on all the water distribution piping. All piping held test. I informed the brothers of the passing results. They were pleased.

The next day, I got a call from the complainant regarding a concern about winterization. He wanted us to reconfigure a few water pipes to ensure proper winterization throughout the winter. The following morning, I sent ** to make the modification. They showed ** the pipes. ** started to make the changes when the building inspector came by and shut the job down. ** could not complete the changes. The brothers had not finalized the issuance of the building permit. He also told ** of several other previous building/permit violations these two brothers had on other properties they own. They are repeat violators of not obtaining permits. A couple days later, I received a call from the complainant to complete the modifications.

Two weeks went by. I expected to hear from them regarding final inspection and payment. No such call. I started to worry. Hoping they were just busy finishing project, I went to the property. They were putting the final touches on the building. I asked the complainant's brother when he would be ready for me to call in the final inspection and square up on the bill. He acted like I was bothering him and started ranting about my plumbers, workmanship, etc. Not once, during the entire week of the project, did they mention any concerns about workmanship or my plumbers. On several occasions, they praised ****, who is in his seventies, just how good of worker he is and couldn't believe his age. Very upset, I told the complainant's brother, I needed final payment before I scheduled the inspection. This is the only leverage I had. He cursed at me and I told him, "good luck with getting his final inspection" and I left. It was quite obvious they felt that they didn't need me anymore.

The Memorial Day weekend, I rode by the property and saw they had moved in several renters. That following Tuesday morning, I called the plumbing inspector. I asked if any final inspections or Use and Occupancy certificates had been issued. He said, "no". I informed him they had moved people in over the weekend. He would check it out. After my phone call to the inspector, I emailed the ***** of Ocean City, the honorable ******* ******* to inform his office of the violation. Within one hour, I received a phone call from the plumbing inspector. He and the building inspector were on their way to post a STOP WORK notice and assess fines. A few hours later, I got the call from the complainant. He wanted me to schedule the final inspection. I told him, I could schedule it for the next day but needed final payment first. I agreed to a company check from a local bank. I would cash it prior to the inspection. I scheduled the inspection for the next day. I met the complainant that next morning. He wrote me a check for $6500.00. The final price of the project was $11,500.00. I charged them $9,500.00 plus the additional $2,000.00 for water piping. Well within the estimate window. I cash the check and met the inspector, as promised. I walked each unit and fixed several leaks on the fixtures, which were installed by others, to get the inspection. The complainant opened each door and observed the inspection process. The complainant and I spoke amicably afterwards. We shook hands and I left. The next day, I thanked the ***** for his efforts and he responded, "I am glad everything worked out for us". Again, I have all those correspondences.

In closing, it comes down to credibility. Guardian Plumbing has been an A+ Accredited business for nearly two years. We complete thousands of service tickets each year with no complaints to this point. We completed this project on time. We got our inspections which includes workmanship, pressure test, and code enforcement. On the other hand, we have two individuals who attempt to circumvent the permitting process. Get caught! They attempted not to honor with monetary obligations. Move tenants in without the appropriate inspections and certifications. Get caught, again! And now, they are attempting to defame a reputable business over their anger in being forced to pay their monetary obligation. Where does it end? I have all the faith that the complaint board will see through this f

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
first of all is not only the toilet that has crossed lines, it is also waste pipes that were leaking when the town of ocean city inspector came in for a final inspection, and he was told by the inspector to cut the pipes and redo them, and what he did was just put some additional glue from the outside which that did not fix the problem because couple bathrooms had leaks from the sealing all summer long, water was coming down from the same spot that inspector told him that you need to fix it he never did, I will go myself and bring the inspector (mike) and ask him to give me a written letter from what he sees and what he had told guardian that needed to be done, and was actually never done. Mr ****** never did what the inspector told him to do on the final inspection, and he acts like his job is excellent, and is far from excellent, Besides the things I made them change, the inspector found waste pipe was leaking in 2-3 places and told mr ****** in front of me that needs to redo them but he decided to re-glue them from outside, and now he thinks by offering us $250 will fix these things, just for the toilet that the hot and cold were crossed toilet needs to come out, the drywall needs to come out and the pipes need to be redone and drywall needs to be re-fixed, in addition to that there are few showers that the pipes are crossed, also there are couple bathrooms that water is leaking from the ceiling from the waste line, and all of these problem I can prove when I will bring the inspector back to my building. Mr ****** thinks by offering me $250 will make all these problems go away I don't think so, all these problems not even $1000 will be enough, I will let the inspector decide when he comes back. As far as the written proposals go he is lying once again, all companies offer yu a written proposal, even companies that do a lot smaller jobs offer you written proposals, but I guess Mr. ****** has found it convenient to tell you one thing and charge you another at the end of the job even if the job is not done correctly.

Final Business Response
First, I stand by initial response to this complaint. I hold myself and my company to a high standard of honesty and integrity and challenge these two individuals to do the same.

Ninety-five percent of all the work we do are not offered a written proposal. Most of the jobs that we do involve many unknowns. Unless a customer specifically request a written proposal or it is a new construction type job we do not give a written proposal. I have a great customer base and have never had a problem delivering on what I verbally told a customer. I have the utmost confidence in myself and my staff to deliver exactly what I promise to all my customers. This a why I chose to be a member of the BBB. I value the A+ accreditation and what it takes to maintain it.

Secondly, the work that was done prior to my involvement was terrible. As I stated in my initial response, the inspector wanted "all" the piping torn out and installed according to the local plumbing codes. All bathrooms had to be redesigned, the wrong glue was used on the water piping, waste pipe fittings were installed backwards (against the flow), pipes were back grading, etc. A total mess! Also, as I stated in my initial response, the complainant was at the property most of the time my crew was working and never offered any displeasure with the installation. It was only the day after we passed the close-in inspection, they wanted a few water pipe changes due to there personal preference on draining the building for the winter. That was the only changes we made before or after the close-in inspection. All negative remarks came when I wanted final payment.

As far as asking for cash, we offer our customers many options in regards to payment. But in this case, I had lost all trust in these two individuals. It was only after they were threatened with fines by the Town of Ocean City did they offer to pay me. They had NO credibility with the Town of Ocean City or myself. I did accept payment by check but did go to their bank and cashed it prior to the final inspection.

In closing, it appears the complainant may have a toilet that has a crossed line. Guardian Plumbing has always stood behind all it's work. So the only offer of resolution I will accept is a refund to the complainant of $250.00 (more than enough) to switch the supply line from hot to cold on a toilet. I do not trust these individuals and do not want to put my company at risk for any further fraudulent complaints. As the complainant stated, his people can do a better job. I will let them.

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.