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Professional Deck Care

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9 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
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Guarantee / Warranty Issues2
Problems with Product / Service6
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Complaint Resolution Log (9)
10/16/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Lack of communication and poor workmanship
The contractor company (owned by **** ****) performed pressure washing the whole house and backyard deck. Also re-stain the deck. They did the above job during 1st or 2nd week of May 2015. The re-stain paint started to peeled and faded. I called **** about this 2 weeks ago as she will call back with status. Up to today (Sept 23, 2015) I never heard one word from her after I called her. During last 2 weeks I called and left her a message and begged her to call me back. Nothing happened.

Desired Settlement
I wanted them to redo the job where the restained spot and peeled as well. Have them call me back with status. Or request some compensation money.

Business Response
I have talked to Mr. ********** I have advised him that we will be out to his house this week to look at the deck. I can't respond to the complaint until I actually get a chance to inspect the deck.
He is complaining that the stain faded, which has nothing to do with workmanship. I have no problem restaining the faded areas.
I ask that he be patient & give us a chance to inspect the deck first before calling the BBB, it had only been 1 week since he contacted us. We had a solid week on rain. I will look at it this week.
Sincerely, **** ****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

07/13/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Business not honoring warranty to repair in timely fashion; not communicating
In April 2014, I contracted Professional Deck Care to wrap my bay windows in aluminum/PVC wrap siding. The workmanship was of inferior quality; the wrap siding was cut in a manner where it does not overlap, and the seams are simply caulked. There is a large ripple in one of the siding pieces, and the seam has never aligned properly, causing it to split. This allows water and the environment to attack the wood beneath. Every time I have contacted Professional Deck Care, they either ignore me or come out and just caulk over it again.

In my latest attempt to contact them, I called mid-May of 2015, and when I finally received a call back, I was told they were "busy" but to expect them to come out by the end of that week. Three weeks and numerous phone calls later, and I haven't heard or seen from the company at all. The company NEVER answers the phone, and I feel lucky if I ever get a phone call back.

Desired Settlement
The siding needs to be replaced. The siding should possibly overlap so as not to have seams like it does. Otherwise, the piece that is rippling and causing problems needs to be replaced, and the seams sealed PROPERLY so that they do not continue to cause problems.

Business Response
TO: B.B.B.
FROM: Professional Deck Care

I am responding to Mr. ************ complaint regarding the bay window.
We wrapped the bay window last year.
We went out to his home this week & siliconed & added additional nails to the
seam that had come apart.
I did speak to him & reassured him that we would fix the problem that has occurred,
We are behind schedule with our jobs due to all the rain we have been getting, which pushes
our jobs behind schedule.
There was no need to contact BBB, if he has any problems in the future he can contact us at
anytime, but he does need to understand that we will get to his house as the schedule permits.


Lori ****
Professional Deck Care

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The business did come out and "attempt" to resolve the problem. By "attempt", they did not notify me that they would be coming out, and they did not speak to anyone after coming out. That is a clear sign that they are unsatisfactory; they do not allow a customer to approve the work that they intend to do to "fix" a situation like this.

Miss **** needs to understand that I contacted them three or four times via phone AFTER the timetable they provided had passed and NEVER received a response. The failure in communication is not on my end. If a contractor gives a time window and then fails to meet it, it's their responsibility to contact the customer, not the other way around.

The "fix" done to my house is unacceptable. The work is shoddy and unsightly. To them, this is just a job to make some money; to me as a homeowner, I have to worry about the appearance of my home and potential resale experiences.

Final Business Response
We would be happy to replace the piece of aluminum which I told the homeowner in the past. The first available slot we have is July 28th. He must know that if it is raining that day we must reschedule the work again. If that date is good then we will be there on Tuesday July 28th. Please let me know if that is good for the homeowner.
Thank You

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
If the company was so willing to replace the aluminum, I'm uncertain why that wasn't the fix so far. Additionally, at no point did the company offer to do so to me.

I am willing to accept replacement on the specified date, but the company MUST contact me via phone as the homeowner on July 28th. If service is to be performed on the 28th as scheduled, they can indicate that; if it is not to be performed on the 28th, that also needs to be indicated with a potential substitute date.

The work done on the home will be monitored, and the company should not simply leave when they think they are done; the only way to know that they are done is if I as the homeowner indicates as such.

I look forward to a mutually satisfactory resolution to this repair.

06/24/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Has not completed the job after numerous attempts to contact the contractor.
The contract was issued in January 2013 and the job is still incomplete as of June 2013. The siding job is incomplete, the door they installed is incomplete, the mortar work on the porch is incomplete. All jobs started and left incomplete.

Desired Settlement
At this juncture I have no confidence that the contractor will complete the job and I'm finding another contractor to complete the work.

Business' Initial Response
I spoke to Mr. ********* today regarding getting back on schedule to complete the door and front porch mortar.The project was delayed due to lots of rain and the special order on the window glass.
Due to the rainy forecast this week, we will be
going to his home on Friday & Saturday to finish
working on the project.

11/17/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company has not completed work and damaged the master bath shower door. Would like money returned.
The work that was completed was subpar to say the least. I still have deck boards and fencing that need to be secured and stained. There is also other work that was not done properly, for example, they were suppose to fix the mortar on my chimney and they fixed it with caulking instead of mortar. They broke my shower door while trying to repair it. It will cost me over $1,000 to replace the shower door. I am seeking $3,000 for the work that was not completed properly (this includes the money to replace the shower door and what it will cost to have the repairs completed correctly.) Also, what should have been at the most a two week job was still not finished over two months later.

The owner's husband, **** **** ******** also would ask for cash everyday that he was working at my house, after we had given him the agreed amount beforehand.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking $3,000 as a refund. This includes the money to replace the shower door ($1,000), flower boxes replaced (not completed), fixing the chimmney mortar, restaining the deck and fence, securing the boards and replacing boards not replaced by the company.

Business Response

TO: B.B.B.

I am responding to complaint # XXXXXXXX

I had contracted to do work at Mr. ********** home
which we have completed. Everything on the contract has
been done, including extras that were added on.
The work that we have performed is as follows:

1. Repaired 5 sections of fence, replaced top plates on fence,
powerwashed & sealed fence (top of the line sealant Cabots')
Installed new posts where needed, replaced gate hinges

2. Powerwashed the house

3. Clean gutters

4. Replaced the rotted wood on the front posts & bottom of garage

5. Powerwashed & re-stained the deck, removed a bench built into the
deck, which was rotted & full of dirt & ants & hauled away, where the
bench was we installed new deck boards under that bench
At first we were contracted to replace 6 deck boards & fix the rails
as we were doing the deck board replacing, Mr. ******* added
another 12 sections of deck boards that he wanted replaced, he went
around the deck & marked additional boards with a blcek sharpie &
when we were done we were pd. an additional $950.00

6. We dry locked 2 closet areas in basement

7. We pointed off & sealed the chimney

8. On our contract we had agreed to fix the shower door for $125.00
The shower door was the original door about 20 years old as
soon as we went to fix it the door shattered.
In good faith, we purchased a new Larson shower door (top of the line)
I paid $600.00. Which they were informed that the new shower door
would be no charge to them.
We installed the new door & Mrs. ******* did not like the new door
& asked us to remove the door, which we did.

Everything on our contract is completed. If you would like to send someone
out to their home to see that the work is completed & how nice everything
looks that would be great! The paid their deposit, middle draw & extra work add ons
If they weren't happy they wouldn't have been giving us our payments.

Job is done! I already did my best to take care of the situation with the shower

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us @XXX-XXX-XXXX

Thank You,

**** ****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It has been since August 16th since this company had any contact with me. As is written in many of the other complaints about the company's poor work product, I will address the many concerns with the sub-par work performed at my residence. First of all, the shower door that was put in place of the broken one (which company broke) was a five foot door not like the six foot door the company broke. The size of the door was unacceptable. After they were informed the door was the wrong size they took the door off I have not heard from your company regarding the replacement of the correct sized door or any of the other unfinished work. I will be glad to receive the $600 in payment for the door that you purchased.
There is still rotten wood on the fence and on deck areas that I was told would be replaced that weren't. There are also several spots and sections on the fence and deck that still need to be stained and secured. I have pictures to prove there are many sections not stained and the wood not replaced. Anyone that would come and look at the deck and fence would realize the work was not done properly. Also, the company did not address the caulk that was placed on my chimney to repair the mortar. Is that a normal repair job for a chimney, repair it with caulk? I think not. Also, the company was supposed to replace the flower boxes that were rotted, this work was never completed. The company states that if I wasn't happy I wouldn't have made the payments. When I was making the 2nd installment I was told that all of these issues would be addressed; no of these issues have been addressed. I trusted in a company that would stand behind their work product, sorry that I trusted you and gave you the 2nd installment. I would love for someone to contact me in reference to the subpar work done at my residence. Why has no one from the company contacted me for the past seven weeks in reference to replacing the shower door or rectifying all of these issues?

09/23/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Inferior quality of service. Also, very difficult to get a response when contacting them.
I hired them to power wash and seal my deck. I requested they use the weatherproof Behr wood stainer. The person they had to power wash the deck did a poor job. Several times, they told me a day and time they would arrive to paint the deck, and never showed. They didn't even call to say they wouldn't be showing up. When we finally said we had company coming over, and that they should not come back for a few weeks, they showed up the next day. This was after we had put our deck furniture back out. So, they sprayed one side, of the deck, put the furniture on the wet paint, and painted the other side. Now my deck furniture has paint all over their feet and wheels. They then asked for payment and said they'd be back if there were any problems. Well, there were problems. They left the paint can they used, and it was the right color, but the wrong kind. It was the waterproofing kind of Behr, not the all weatherproofing. I live where it snows, so that is actually important. I also noticed many areas of the deck untouched by paint. I also read on the Behr paint can that it needs two coats, not one. I tried to contact these people with these concerns. They did not respond to my three separate emails, emailed once a week for three weeks. Finally, I sent an email with a veiled threat to contact the BBB. Miraculously, they show up the following day. I retold them my concerns, and they brushed them all off, saying they know what they're doing, and they've been doing this for years, and oh, I /did/ do two coats. "Two wet coats". The directions actually say to do one coat, let it dry, then do another coat. They also said that the waterproofing Behr paint is exactly the same as the weatherproofing paint, and that they had forgotten completely about what I had actually wanted when purchasing it. I then show them the places they didn't paint..... they show up a day after the day they said they would. The person they brought painted a spot and left. The boss did not check to see if it was painted completely. It was not. Then another person comes to spray some waterproofing oily **** on the deck because of my concerns about the weatherproofing paint not being applied. I have no idea how they came to the conclusion that that was anything close to what I wanted. The spots they sprayed looked terrible, and I stopped him and told him to leave. Then, I had to paint the deck I hired and paid someone else to do for me. They only reason I hired them was because they had an A rating on the BBB website. So, they and the BBB have lied to me, and have misled me into completely wasting my money and time.

Desired Settlement
I'd like them to do the job I hired them and paid them for. For them to clean the deck and actually use the correct kind of paint. The kind of paint I actually requested they use and was agreed upon (weatherproof wood stain, from Behr). For them to paint one coat, let it dry, and paint the final coat, as is directed on the Behr product. And it would be so wonderful if they actually get the entire deck without missing any spots. Like the job I hired them to do.

Business Response
I am responding to the complaint lodged against my company

We were hired to power wash & re-stain the deck
Upon signing the contract we sat down at the kitchen table with the homeowner
explained what we would be doing & showed them the brochure & different stain
colors to choose from.
We power washed the deck, let the deck dry out & then went back to their house
& applied the Behr solid stain (their choice of color)
The only product we use when applying Behr stain is the waterproofer stain, from our
20 years of deck experience we really like the Behr stain, it applies nicely, looks great
& last a long time.Which I even left the brochure with them & told them that is what we used
for staining decks, they agreed & choose the stain color.
When the deck was completed it looked great & we were paid in full
Then we get a call from the homeowner asking if we could come back & hit a few spots
that dried lighter on the rails, which was no problem we went back & hand brushed those
The customer told us that she put the furniture back without allowing enough time for the
deck to completely dry & made marks across the deck, from sliding furniture across the
wood without the stain being totally dry. Which we also took care of for her.
after we are done & paid months later
Then we get another call from her, saying that she wanted to use the Behr weatherproofing
stain instead of the waterproofering stain & she wanted more stain put on the deck after
we had already applied several coats of stain.
I was even willing to send someone over to their deck to apply another clear coating on the deck
to please her again, when he arrived she said she did not want that so he left.
Bottom line is we have been to her house 4 times, her deck looks beautiful, we put several coats
of stain on her deck, we have been doing decks for 20 years & I am very happy with the finished job
& there is nothing else needed to be done to her deck.


**** ****
Professional Deck Care

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This company is lying about what happened. I have many emails of our correspondence proving that they are lying about they type of paint agreed to. I also have many pictures of my deck after they claimed it was finished, as well as after they claimed to paint the many spots they missed to prove that they are lying. There were many other places they missed, but by the time I thought to take pictures, I had taken it upon myself to paint the more obvious, larger, areas missed. This was even after their touch up guy had came and went.
Why this company refuses to own up to the fact that they did a bad job, and refuse to fix it, is beyond me. They are trying to get away with a bad job. They are trying to get away with my hard earned money. The only reason I hired them was because I wanted a professional job done by professional people. That is why I looked on the BBB website. I picked them because they had an A rating, but their work was terribly done. I don't care how many years they have been doing this. I was clear on what I wanted, and they didn't deliver. If they had done a good job, I wouldn't be saying they didn't. This whole thing is a waste my time. Perhaps my standards are too high, wanting a deck staining company to stain a deck well.

Final Business Response
First of all the deck looks absolutely great!!
I will get in touch with a Behr representative &
I will have them schedule a time to come out &
inspect the deck along with myself & if the representative feels that
the job that we did needs to be corrected , I will be happy to send someone out to re-coat the deck for the 3rd time. I will contact the homeowner as soon as I get a response from Behr representative.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Not satisfactory.
First of all, the business didn't address that they used the wrong kind of paint. Secondly, as I said before, I had taken it upon myself to paint many of the areas they missed. Bringing in an inspector would not address the business' poor work.

08/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Abandonment of completing contractual job of staining and painting decks after receiving 2/3 of payment.
Signed contract on May 17, 2014 for one deck to be powerwashed and painted and the second deck to be powerwashed and stained. At the time of signing of the contract, I asked how long it would take. I was told by **** and the gentleman who came with her to do the final estimate that the powerwashing for both decks would be done 1 day and the painting and staining would each take a day - for a total of 3 days, so bearing any "bad" weather the job should be completed by the next week (May 24th). I gave a check for 1/3 - $350 when the contract was signed. Stated that would be great because I was having a Memorial Day Event so I wanted it to be ready by May 26th. They came out May 19th or 20th(I gave per the contractual agreement the 2nd installment - $350)and did the powerwashing. No other visits that week, so May 26th - decks not completed. The week of May 26th they came out once and started the painting of the deck. From June 2-20, they came twice more and worked for @ 1-2 each time on painting the deck. Since the week ending June 20, 2014, they have not returned. I have called and left voice messages numerous of times re: the need for them to complete the job. **** has left various voice messages for me on my home phone promising me completion at various points - Fathers Day, then June 28th, then before July 4 and nothing has been done. I have left several messages since July 4th with no return call. Currently I have one deck that the paint job has not been completed on and the other deck the staining has not been done at all. At this point I am requesting to be refunded $300 - the total cost of the contracted service was $1000,I have paid $700. To date they have completed almost 50% of the job but not within the 3 days I was told. Because they did not honor their contract all of the major events that I originally wanted the decks done for have all past with me having unfinished decks, which created additional cost for me to attempt to camouflage the unfinished work and still host events that I had committed to. More disturbing is the total lack of communication and follow-through.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting to be refunded $300 - the total cost of the contracted service was $1000,I have paid $700. To date they have completed almost 50% of the job but not within the 3 days I was told.

Business Response
TO: B.B.B.

Mrs. ***** should be completed by this weekend,
We are short one of my employees, he got hurt on a roof
repair & has been unable to work for 2 months so far,
between his injury & the rainy weather, it has put us behind
on our jobs.
Her deck should be done with the exception of the pool area.

Thank You,
**** ****
Professional Deck Care

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It is unclear from the response if the contract is being honored. The contract included the pool area, so will the pool area be completed?

07/22/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Deck repair and painting plus fence repair have not been completed in over six months.
Deck repair was done very poorly. Boards are not even nailed down and some are rotting and were not replaced. Stain/paint is peeling and has been since first painted. This job was to clean the deck, find the rotting boards, to replace them and to stain/paint the deck once the repairs were made. They originally replaced just 2-3 boards and we had to tell them to do morewhich we paid for again. They still didn't replace all of the boards that needed replacing and have not returned in over six months. Painting/staining was done very poorly and before deck repairs had been finished.

Fence repair is on a split rail with wire. The wire has not been attached to the fence. Since fence is used to contain pets in the yard this is definitely not acceptable.

Company continues to use 'weather permitting' as the excuse but now that winter is over there is no reason carpentry work cannot be done.

Company is not returning phone calls and despite saying they'd come they haven't come to complete the work. Original contract for deck 10/21/13 and for fence 11/13/13. Payment by check and by cash.

Desired Settlement
Either a monetary refund or satisfactory completion of the work.

Business Response

I met with Mrs. ******* & I told her that we could touch up the deck for the third
time. After inspecting the deck, I do not think that there is a problem with the ****
Stain or the application of the stain. I think that she did not allow enough time for the
stain to cure before allowing her dog on the deck. The dog uses the slider door to
get onto the back yard & it appears to me that the dogs' toenails is causing the scratches
in the stain. It's mainly on the steps where the dog would go up & down the steps.
That is what I feel has happened. We will go out & re-apply stain to those areas again.

Our contract states to replace 2 rotted boards on the deck, which we did.
They noticed 2 additional boards that they would like replaced & we told them
we would do that for them also. Mr. ******* agreed to pay for the new board replacement.

While we are there we need to install fencing nails to secure the fence.

We should be able to do that this week for Mrs. *******.
We needed to finish the job we are on now & we will go to her house asap.


**** ****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The response includes our names which BBB specifically requests you to not do.

The stain(paint) was not disturbed by our dog. Dogs don't walk on their toenails and there are no pawprints on the deck. The dog walks on the entire deck and also sleeps on it. There was definitely no paint(stain) on the dog as we would not allow her access to a freshly painted deck. I think the problem was mostly weather related as it was done late in the fall in colder weather. The steps are the final parts of the deck surface to be painted so the person doing the painting can exit the deck without disturbing the other painted portion of the deck. This problem was brought to the company's attention almost immediately after they left the job.

Company even stated that they thought they should contact **** to find out what would cause the problem. But company failed to return to check the problem for about 7 months and they indicated that they probably could have gotten a response from Behr in that 7 month timeframeyet they failed to do that.

Company admits they failed to properly check for rotten boards on the deck. They stated this should have been done from beneath the deck and this was not done. Some new boards are not even nailed down. We paid for extra boards to be replaced and asked for more and company failed to return to complete the job.

Fence is still needing to have the wire attached as absolutely none of it was attached.

We would like this finished asap.

04/07/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Have a contract to repair a fence; the company took a $200 deposit(of $250 total) but has not performed work. They keep postponing the date to begin.
On 3/17/14 the company inspected my damaged fence and quoted me $250 to repair. I gave a cash deposit of $200 for materials but they have not come back to repair the fence. They keep postponing the date and I am unable to get the issue resolved. I have left messages but have no results.

Desired Settlement
Fix the fence as verbally agreed upon and in the contract within 48 hours of receiving this complaint.

Business Response
I have spoke to the customer actually yesterday and informed her that do the the weather this week & today that we have not been able to do the repair & I told her that I would be happy to refund her the $200.00 deposit back & she said she still wanted to get the fence repaired. She told me that if the work was not done by today 3/25/2014 when she got home from work she would be calling the BBB. I told her there was a winter storm warning & most likely it would not get done today & she hung the phone up on me. We just received her deposit within 4 business days, her job is outside we are working around the snow & rain. She needed to be more patient. It's common sense scheduled outside work is weather permitting. Since we have received threats & abusive telephone calls. My company will not be performing any work at her home & I will be happy to refund her deposit. She should be receiving her deposit within 7 to 10 days.

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