Educational Consumer Tips

Tree Services

Author: Better Business Bureau

Check to see if the company is BBB Accredited and Request a Quote on Get several estimates, but remember the least expensive service is not necessarily the best. Avoid doing business with someone who requires the entire fee before any work is done. Ask for customer references, and take the time to check with those customers to ask about their satisfaction with the service provided. Require a written contract which identifies in detail the work to be done and clearly establishes the price for that work. Read the contract before signing and thoroughly understand its terms and conditions. Never sign a blank contract. Pay with a credit card or check only after the job has been completed to your satisfaction. Receipts should include the company's name, address and phone number. Ask if the company has liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. Ask about company safety standards. Keep in mind that tree work is a taxable service. You may wish to check out certifications and/or consumer tips at: