Educational Consumer Tips

Lawn Care

Author: Better Business Bureau

The problems of maintaining a healthy lawn have led many consumers to use lawn maintenance services. Selecting a lawn care service requires investigation and caution. Lawn care companies range from one person with a mower and edger to national companies with extensive technical staff and field personnel. Check with friends or neighbors to determine their experiences with specific lawn-care companies. Talk with representatives from several lawn-care services and get estimates from each. Make sure that the estimates are specific about the
services involved and that you are comparing comparable levels of service. Some lawn-care companies begin and renew service contracts over the phone; some companies also automatically renew contracts. Be sure that you know how to cancel the contract. It is recommended that agreements be in writing before any action is
taken. Contracts should be specific about which services will be provided, the frequency of service, and payments. Many companies guarantee their services; be sure that the guarantee is specific and in writing. Make sure the person's qualifications are appropriate to the job at hand. Check with the BBB for a reliability report on an individual company.