Educational Consumer Tips

Swimming Pools

Author: Better Business Bureau

Translating the dream of a backyard swimming pool into reality
requires a great deal of planning and a considerable investment. An
important consideration is why you want a pool: fun, exercise,
relaxation, physical therapy, or home beautification. Pools come in
two basic types: above-ground and in-ground. Above-ground pools are
typically less expensive to construct and cheaper to maintain.
In-ground pools are usually more attractive and offer greater
construction possibilities.

In considering a pool, it is important to look beyond the initial
construction costs. Pools require certain basic equipment such
as a filter system, steps or ladders, vacuums, and skimmers.
Pools come with a wide range of accessories including lighting,
diving boards, and heaters. Local laws usually require that
pools be fenced, adding significantly to the overall expense.
Increased taxes, higher utility bills, and greater insurance
costs must also be taken into account.

In choosing a pool builder, investigate references, get
construction bids, and check with the BBB about specific
builders. Understand the details of the construction contract
and get everything in writing. Once you have selected a builder,
you will need to work closely with the builder from the planning
stage to the completion of the project.