12/8/2013 Horrific experience! December 3, 2013, I contacted Autobahn about 2010 Lexus RX 350 listed on Autobahn website. Unfortunately, it was an internet sales manger ******* ****** who was working on this listing. I have never in my car buying experience met a more arrogant, dishonest, evasive and unprofessional sales person. Complete lack of communication. Total misrepresentation of the car's true condition. During our original conversation with ******** I clearly asked him about any additional damages to the car and he confirmed there none. Thanks to our inspector we found out the car had hail damage on the roof, poorly repaired damage on a rear and front bumpers with visible problems. Leaking rear shock. These are the things that should've been but were not disclosed to us. ******* acted as if he had no knowledge of any of this. Makes your car buying experience even worse when some unethical, arrogant and rude sales guy dismisses your concerns by saying " go find a perfect car" I sent an email to several Autobahn management and received zero response. After which I called and got a brush off response from another brilliant "Customer Service Specialist" Then I received a call from a sales manger, ***** who in a nut shell said we are not perfect and are very surprised at ******* conduct. This is NOT about being perfect, this is about some degree of sales ethics and honesty! I'm sure they were able to sell the car to some uninformed people. But I will sleep better if I post this here and everywhere else. The car's *** ** ****************** Stock #: ******** Hopefully this information gets to new owners some day. Lana
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by Lana E. on 12/8/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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