March 29, 2012


Better Business Bureau is issuing an urgent SCAM alert cautioning our accredited businesses about an email that looks like it is from BBB with a subject line of “The Better Business Bureau customer complaint.” This e-mail is fraudulent; ignore its contents and delete it immediately. Clicking on the link inside this email takes you to a website where a virus is downloaded on to your computer. The virus may attack your computer system right away or it could lay in wait and steal personal or banking information. If you have already clicked on a link in the e-mail, run a full virus scan of your computer. You may also wish to monitor your bank and credit card accounts to ensure that there have not been any unauthorized transfers.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus has reported the phishing scam to the Internet Crime Complaint Center and is working with the FTC and FBI. We appreciate your patience as we work to shut down these sites.

Example of SPAM email:

Valued business manager, we have obtained several complaints through the Better Business Bureau online complaint center regarding several unauthorized transaction from a number of private bank accounts to your corporate account. You can view the complaints in our online complaint center using the following link:

The BBB Complaint Center

Your login data:

Complaint ID: #11491

Password: 10982:

The Better Business Bureau acts as an intermediary between US and Canadian consumers and business, and assists in mitigating consumer-related issues as an impartial third-party service. In special cases The Better Business Bureau has the right to initiate a formal investigation of a business involved in feedback.


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Council of Better Business Bureaus

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