Is Medicare Trying to Get in Touch With You?

April 08, 2011
Recently, the BBB has received information from consumers and organizations concerned about calls, appearing to be from Medicare.
 “The name coming up on caller i.d. may have the word “Medicare” in it, leading consumers to believe Medicare is calling, but this is not true, “ says Tom Bozikis, Vice President of Policy and Standards at the Tri-State Better Business Bureau.
Upon answering such calls, many consumers report recorded messages from solicitors or businesses,  such as insurance providers, leading consumers to feel mislead by caller i.d. labels and placing calls to their  Better Business Bureau for help.
When requesting information, Medicare will not call, email or use the internet to contact consumers, so consumers should beware, if they receive correspondence by these means. Potential risks beyond identify theft include declined coverage for services, not truly from Medicare, but instead from an unauthorized solicitor, especially in the case of the Medicare Advantage Plan.
Should you have any question as to whether Medicare is trying to reach you, the BBB suggests you call the agency directly at 1-800-MEDICARE. You may also learn more about Medicare by visiting