BBB Business Advice for Tackling Holiday Gift Returns
BBB is advising businesses to make sure that their return policies are simple and solid before tackling customer gift returns this holiday season.
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Sherry Branson of Sam's Club West Honored for Great Character & Initiative.
This month at their monthly luncheon at Great American on Mesa Hills, the Southwest Character Council honored Sam's Associate, Sherry Branson.Sherry takes to time..
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Suggestions for Safe Shopping Satisfaction
The popularity of online shopping has increased in recent years, and Better Business Bureau wants consumers to be smart and responsible before emptying the virtual shoppi..
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BBB Warns Homeowners: Changes to Mortgage Rules Bring Out Scams
Some homeowners who are “under water” with their mortgages can refinance under the new Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), but BBB is warning consumers that scammers are gearing up for the rush of..
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Twitter Begins to Turn on HTTPS by Default but Are You Secure Now?
Good news for all security-conscious social media users: Twitter has announced that it is beginning to turn on HTTPS by default.
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The Sprinkler Guy Honored at Southwest Character Council for Orderliness
Article courtesy of Kelly McCullough.During the Southwest Character Council’s Monthly Luncheon in July, Santa and Juan Badillo, owners of “The Sprinkler Guy” were..
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Door-to-Door Salesman from Vivint Security Systems in the El Paso Area
This security company, based out of Utah, has government actions against them, as well as many complaints againts them.Always ask door-to-door salepeople for ..
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BBB Arbitrator Named to the Panel of Arbritators on National Mediation Board
Alton C. Strain, an El Paso Better Business Bureau arbitrator, has recently been named to the Panel of Arbitrators on the National Mediation Board. Mr. Strain has..
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Congratulations to Our Student Winners of the BBB Ethics Photo Contest
We received so many great entries, it was hard to pick the winners! Thank you to all the students who entered! Winners:Mercedes Ca..
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Fake Calls Pretending to be from GECU in El Paso
Phone call/text scams will always be around as long as phones are...
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