On Disney’s “Magic of Healthy Living” Announcement

June 07, 2012
Statement by Elaine D. Kolish
Vice President, Council of Better Business Bureaus and
Director, Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative

On Disney’s “Magic of Healthy Living” Announcement:
June 5, 2012

“We congratulate Disney on updating its nutrition standards, which are now closely aligned with CFBAI’s new uniform nutritional criteria. CFBAI and its 16 participants, which represent about 80% of the food advertising on children’s programming, have for the last five years been applying meaningful, science-based nutrition standards to all their advertising on children’s programming, websites and other child-directed media.

“CFBAI participants believe that self regulation is the best approach to improving child-directed food and beverage advertising. We encourage all children’s food and beverage advertisers to participate in being a part of the solution, just as CFBAI participants have. CFBAI provides leadership, transparency and accountability, through monitoring and reporting on compliance and progress.

“Under BBB’s advertising self regulation program, companies have been making steady, ongoing improvements in the products they advertise to children. Our just completed analysis of participants ads from 31 hours of children’s programming showed that the products being advertised by CFBAI participants met reasonable limits on calories, sugars, sodium and fats, and were more nutrient dense than before. We found that 72% of the products advertised, 50% more than in 2010, contain at least a half serving of fruit, vegetables or whole grains, or low/non fat dairy. These results will continue to improve as CFBAI’s new uniform nutrition standards go into effect in December 2013.”