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10 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Delivery Issues2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service6
Billing / Collection Issues0
Total Closed Complaints10

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09/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Unfortunately Carefree did NOT keep their end of the contract to build a quality home. However they expect no consequences and refuse to be honorable.
693 ********* *** *** ***** 1 ****** at ******* ***** ***********
VP: **** ******* Builders Rep: *** ******
Purchase date: *********

On ********* both my husband and I got out of work for a 4 hour appointment with the design center. Out of those 4 hours the representative was only with us for 45 minutes. She continuously left the room for large periods of time.

Payment date: 3/6/15
Total paid: $15,005
After I delivered the checks that day we had a lot more trouble contacting the Care-free rep that attended us at the design center. We were concerned because the checks had not processed. Later on we found out that the lady that was attending our case quit working for Carefree and no one had taken over our case till we expressed our concerns.

The issues at the design center led to a number of problems to include but not limited to:
*Delayed processing through the city for permits which pushed back the original move-in date.
*Forced us into a new leasing period at the home that we're currently renting.

After a rushed process and horrible customer service we noticed the house was not build properly as per our requests and with bad quality.

We met with the vice president of the company in 04/2015 to let him know our issues and he said "every product has flaws you should only care about the end result" if I am purchasing a home why wouldn't I want the foundation to be correct? We met with him again because we notices several of the upgrades paid for were wrong. In conversation to explain our observations we were constantly interrupted by the vice president. He also raised his voice several times which led my husband to demand our money back. The vice president Mr. ******* than proceeded to tell us "I will not return any of your money". Some examples of the mistakes are: the wrong tile, wrong kitchen cabinets, wrong tile pattern in the front porch, sinking floor on back porch, fire place is not leveled, no pre-wiring of cameras, the outdoor sink is not leveled. The tile was exchanged for the correct tile in less than 8 hours in the whole house. The wrong tile took 3 days to be put around the whole house and bathrooms properly then when told it was wrong they did a rushed fix with poor quality. These are some reasons that we did not feel comfortable buying a bad build product. After that meting I was denied seeing the house. And in the words of the Vice President Mr. ******* "when you purchase a car you don't see all the flaws that it has in the making, you only see the end product... don't worry about the problems as long as the end product is what you want to see". In the buyers opinion of a home we all know this is not true. In order for a home to last a life time it needs not only to look good but more importantly to be build correctly. I went back and spoke to Mr. ******* after a few minutes of our meeting and he said "we can refund you the money but it is not my decision it is the presidents... let me ask".

I was then instructed to contact the representative of carefree *** ****** to see of any possible refund. He informed us that Mr. ******* had not given him an answer.

We proceeded to ask for our money back, for weeks the vice president "was not available" than we were told that they will not refund the money. What I do not understand if the building company did not deliver what was requested with quality why are we being forced to lose $15,000? I was never allowed to signed a cancelation form (Why? I do not know)Now in August 27, 2015 after 2.5 months of not being contacted not through phone nor mail or anything; I randomly get a text to inform me that the house has an offer. and "I might get a small quantity of my $15,000".

Desired Settlement
both me and my husband are hard working individuals. We had a lifesavings of $15,000 and we invested in our first home with carefree. This happened because we thought carefree was an honorable company. However they did not keep their promise of building a quality home. The consequences of them breaking the contract of not building a good product should be to return our $15,000. The resolution that I am requesting is to be refunded my money in full because I kept my end of the contract. I am up to this day approved to buy a house. I kept my end, this is a one sided situation. Customer loses even if it is carefree's fault? It would show honor and responsibility of ownership of their mistakes.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Raul Estrada VP Sales
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: *********************
Carefree Homes has in fact refunded $6000 to the customer as agreed between both parties. All the money was not returned because the buyer made custom changes. This is explained and is part of the purchase contract. It states to the buyer under Variables and Extras that if a buyer fails to close the monies deposited with the builder for extras will be forfeited. Carefree Homes had to wait to get a new buyer and see if the new buyer was willing to pay for the custom changes that were made. We were able to recover $6000 worth of changes made so that is what was refunded. That was all explained to ****** ******* and her husband. I will submit a copy of that with both Carefree and the buyers signatures. Now as of the complaint, We did correct the mistakes that were made and everything was done in the correct manner. My explanation to them was mistakes are sometimes made, we are not perfect but the difference between a good builder and a great one is how we go about fixing them. We did take care of everything and held up to our end of the deal. I feel They found something else they liked better and were finding excuses to get out of the purchase. We never denied access to the home and really were willing to work with them, even allowed them to come back and make changes to colors because they felt they were rushed. When Home was finished, We urged them to take a look at their beautiful home but they refused. We even offer a home inspection by a third party so they can see that everything was taken care of. We tried our best to satisfy them.

07/13/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was installing hardwood floor and the installer noticed that the cement floor was completely unequal.
When the carpet was pulled for the laminate flooring to be installed, the installers showed us how uneven the foundation cement was. It costed us an additional $485+ to fix the foundation of a house that is barely 4 years old. When I called carefree, the warranty associate********* just said "your warranty is expired and cement is never 100% so there is nothing we can do"

I understand cement does not settle perfectly but anywhere the installer laid the leveling measure there was a gap. In some cases the level was off by 3/4 of an inch where you can slide a pen underneath the measure. This is poor workmanship not cement settling.

Desired Settlement
This business has not refunded us for many other deficiencies of their construction. I request the builder pay for the leveling construction that was required to put down laminate flooring which came out a little north of $485.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ******* VPO
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ************************

RE: BBB Complaint Case #XXXXXXXX

To Whom It May Concern,

We received this complaint on Monday, June 29, 2015. I spoke with Mr. ***** later that day to clarify what he had noted in his complaint. As he noted, in the area of the home where he wanted to add wood flooring, our concrete floor was out of level as much as 3/4". The standard tolerance in the industry is 1/4" within a 10'-0" span. Our warranty team focused on the fact he had lived in the home approximately three years and four months and was not covered by our standard one year warranty.

While they informed him how the concrete could be floated to meet the wood floor specification of 1/8" or better. He seemed to accept their response. We did not hear from him again until we received the BBB complaint. Once I was made aware of his request, we determined that the concrete did not meet our specifications and would have made the correction if I had been made aware of this prior to the BBB complaint.

When I spoke with him on Monday, the 29th, we agreed to refund him the $485.00, he paid to have the floor leveled by the wood floor contractor. I told him we would have a check made out to him early next week. I will have one of my field manager hand deliver the check to him next week.

We continue to keep our commitment to stand behind our homes. While we feel we could have resolved this matter without the BBB complaint, we have reached the same resolution that needed to be met. We appreciate Mr. *****'s patience in working with us to resolve his concern.


***** ******
VP of Operations
CareFree Homes

05/05/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Found out 30 days after closing that the house didn't passed inspection by the city and shouldn't have being sold to us without passing inspection.
This is a new construction in the Valley CReek Park area. We closed on the house on 2/24/2014 and didn't got the keys to the house until 2/27/14. On 2/21/14 an inspection from the City of El Paso visited the house and told our cleaning lady that we needed to call him to schedule an appointment for an inspection. Once we found out my husband contacted Carefree on 2/24/14. He was told that the City needed to do some inspections that were supposed to be done before we moved in; that it wasn't nothing major. We proceed to schedule the inspection to 2/25/14 and the inspector told us that the solar panels haven't being approved by the City. He explained that it needed to be done, fixed, etc before we moved into the house. My husband proceeded to ask the inspector if we were going to be fined or what was going to happend and he explained that it was carefree's responsibility to tell us and fix this issues.

My husband then proceeded to call carefree and asked to talk to the person in charge and he was denied the opportunity, was given excuses and wasn't able to talk t a supervisor or a manager. Now we are left hanging trying to figure out what to do next.

Desired Settlement
They have to fix, repair and/or change whatever didn't passed inspection. If they are unable to do so then they better provide me with a monetary solution or another new home that meets the city's standards.

Business Response
Response to case # XXXXXXXX
We received this complaint on February 25, 2014. We were unaware this home had not received the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) until February 24th, just a few days before we received the complaint. The home had passed all of the individual inspections associated with receiving the C of O. I met with *** ***** the Chief Building Inspector and his director for the El Paso City Development Department on February 27th, to review the matter. Apparently, their local inspector had a question on the transition of shingle roofing material located under the solar array onto the concrete roof tile located below the solar location. The question was addressed with Mr. ***** the director and Mr. ****** the local inspector to their satisfaction. They provided the Certificate of Occupancy to me before I left their office. They did not have any issues with the solar system itself.

We believe we have taken care of the matter addressed on this complaint. We will deliver a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy to the Castros tomorrow, March 6, 2014. We will request that they follow-up with the BBB to withdraw the complaint.

If there are any other issues to address outside of the item identified in this complaint, please contact ***** ******* VP of Operations at CareFree Homes. He can be reached at ******* or at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to satisfy this customer.

Consumer Response
BBB never contacted me with an update or builder's response. I haven't heard from Carefree in regards to the status of the solar panel. In fact, I received this past Tuesday a document from Solar City, the colar panel company, that pretty much says that the solar panels are leased to us, so we didn't purchase a home with solar panels like it was explained to us, instead the builder pay a lease and if we want to keep them after the lease is over we have to ... pay?! so the builder and Carefree LEASED a solar panel to us but SOLD us a home with solar panels??!!!

On top of that Carefree responded to BBB that they had sent us a letter and had talk to us... I'm still waiting for the letter and they sent Raul, a supervisor, to my house to talk about what they were going to do in our front and side yard, that by the way it's completely destroyed after they "fixed" what they were going to "fix".

What do I have o do? sue them??

Final Business Response
Follow up response to case # XXXXXXXX


I was made aware of the customer rebuttal on April 4, 2014. I contacted Mr. ****** at 9:20 am that day and scheduled an appointment to meet with him and his wife on Monday, April 7th at 5:00 pm.

Eddie Portillo, the area manager for the west side of El Paso attended this appointment with me. We met with Mr. and Mrs. ****** to discuss their concerns. We understand per the ******'s that the BBB never notified them of our response we sent on March 5, 2014. We were also told they did not receive the copy of the Certificate of Occupancy the City of El Paso provided. They said the copy of the certificate we left at their home, apparently with the babysitter, never got into their hands. They also still had unanswered questions about the solar system, specifically the Solar City contract agreement. They were also unhappy with the landscape repair we made after making the drainage changes to their front yard per the requirements of the City of El Paso. Last, they felt no one from CareFree would return their call.

During this visit, I was able to explain the solar agreement, how it worked and what was expected of them during the life of the lease. They had also spoken with ***** **** on the phone at which time they received answers to most of their questions. We also addressed their concerns with the front yard landscaping.

We agreed to set up a follow up appointment for Monday, April 14th at which time we would present them with a redesign of their front and side yards. This redesign with include moving their side yard fence returns up near the front of their home. We would also be raising their side yard rock walls approximately two feet higher. We would have the landscape company rework the grading of the side and front yard so they had a softer feel to them, reinstall the landscape rock and make other corrections as noted on the new plan.

We also agreed to deliver to them another copy of the City of El Paso Certificate of Occupancy, a Soar City interconnection box and clarify any other outstanding issues they might have. I also left them my business card with all of my contact information so they can contact me when they have questions or concerns in the future.

On April 14th, ***** ******** met with both Mr. and Mrs. ******. They received the interconnection box for their solar system, the certificate of occupancy, copy of the landscape redesign including new location of rock walls we agree to move and/or raise. They signed the landscape redesign as their acceptance and agreement to it. We also had met with them on April 8th for their standard 60 day visit where we corrected any items they felt needed improvement or correction. This is a standard appointment we make with all of our customers 60 days after they move in.

At this time we feel we have addressed all of their concerns to their satisfaction as noted in the BBB complaint and are requesting that they remove the complaint.

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

***** ******
VP Of Operations
CareFree Homes

10/22/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was not given the proper sink in a new home im about to close on. They are willing to fix it but want to charge me $380 to fix it.
i am about to close on a home some time next week. i was told by all the sales associates that the savanna home in Margaritas was standard with no upgrades. The first associate that i spoke with was *** ***** . When we like the Payton Pass location they advised us that this home would be identical to the one in the Margaritas location. We are currently about one week from closing and we finally saw the sink and it looks cheap compared the original that was in the model home. We spoke with henry our sales associate in Payton pass and he advised us that the sales company whom sales the sinks to them is now out of business. He advised us that he spoke to the design center and they would be willing to fix this to us for $380 which includes a fee of $150.00 for administration fees and $230 for the sink, which we were suppose to get in the first place. What got me upset most is that we were advised by henry that the company of carefree will later purchase the mold of the sink that went out of business and place it in future homes. I don't believe this is fair

Desired Settlement

The settlement that we are looking for is simply to give us what the model home is suppose to come with. I understand that the builder has the ability to substitute at there discretion but it should be almost similiar not a cheaper sink. At the same time they should also place signs in the models homes when they know that those sinks are no longer in the new models. The only reason we found out is because we do go regularly to see the home. I dont believe is fair to have to pay a $150 administration fee plus $230 for the sink that we were suppose to get in the first place. I have tried to reason with them but cant get any were. I called the representative that was dealing with which was ******* ***** on 10-03-13 by both email and phone, which i left a voice mail. I didnt get a phone call so i when in person to the design center on 10-04-13 and spoke with anther person named ****** since ******* was busy and advise me that she didnt have the ability to waive any fees so she would be talking to the Sales VP and get back with me on Monday the 10-07-13but didnt get an answer. I called in the evening and the receptionist transferred me to her voice mail but didnt get a call back. I waited till wednesday the 9th and was advised nothing was going to be done.

Business Response
We are currently working with the customer to recolve this issue

06/22/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We purchased a home from Carefree Homes in November of 2012. Since then it has been problem after problem. Their customer service if the worst I have ever dealt with. Our previous home was built by ******* ******** ***** and I never had any issues when I needed something fixed-within a week everything was repaired and the ticket was closed. That is not the case with Carefree. Anytime we have called or e-mailed them, it takes months for them to start working on the problem. And that is only after we have called or e-mailed them numerous times. They will NEVER go out of their way to call or e-mail to let us know that they have not forgotten or just to give us a status update. Sometimes I really think that they do that in hopes that the issue is forgotten and swept under the carpet. I have had everything go wrong from leaks (more than 1), tiles cracking months after moving in (the same ones more than once), a wall upstairs was not secured to a post so it would literally move to the touch and had to be broken down and secured to a beam, our outdoor patio would flood/gather water every time it rained due to the leveling and lack of drainage, we have a 11 foot tall wall in the back that was poorly built and crumbles if you touch it, they failed to install one of the 3 lights in our outdoor patio and one in our garage, our breakers would constantly pop and an electrician has visited our house many times, they put in the wrong breaker for the HVAC system when we first moved in and our air conditioner went out 3 times in the boiling hot summer until they finally found that it was leaking antifreeze and had to replace parts of the system. We had to go a couple of days without any air conditioning while they repaired it. With a newborn it was unbearable. After lots and lots of calling, voicemails and e-mailing most of those things finally got repaired. It is very difficult to get anyone to help when they have gone through 3 warranty repair assistants for our area since we bought the house. First it ******* ****** ******* then ****** and now ******* or ******** Every time we call they don't know what we are talking about. I have even called to try to get a resolution from ***** ****** which never answers and has only called me back once in the past. I was told by the contractor that usually builds the Carefree homes in our area the he did not build our house because the foreman **** hired his "friend" to build ours and that now they send him to make the repairs for the mistakes ******* "friend" made. I also brought that up the only time that ***** ****** called me and he basically danced around and said that some of the workers do not have a college education and that's why I was told that. I think that statement was very unprofessional and wondered why he didn't deny the fact that my home was poorly built by ******* "friend" and not by the contractor. When repairs were made to our home ****** would go get scraps from other homes that were being built rather than purchasing new materials. We brought it to his attention on a few occasions and my husband even turned him away when the materials looked used or damaged.

The most recent problems since we purchased the home involves the HVAC system again. We have brought it to their attention on many occasions. One of the upgrades we opted to get was converting the single garage into a bedroom. The heating and cooling has never functioned properly. It's very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. In an attempt to fix it, Cool Concepts came by and said it was fine, even though we told them it wasn't. He even told me that the window was probably the reason that room was so hot. I guess I'm suppose to purchase a house with no windows? They came again and added a return on top of the door. It does not release air or take any in. Its suppose to help circulate the air but we can not feel a difference. We called in the repair again and when Cool Concepts came by and went in the attic, they once again said it's fine even though the room was way hotter than the rest of the house. I have even tried installing dark out curtains to keep the sun out and cool down the room and that does not help. Our neighbors also have the same issue with the room that they had converted. They said they originally tried to get Carefree to fix it and that they get the same response when Cool Concept shows up. They ended up giving up on getting the repairs done and have purchased some fans for the summer and an electric heater for the winter. They are even thinking about purchasing a window unit because the heat in the summer is so bad. I think that is really sad for it being a new home and having to buy fans, heaters and window units because they rather not deal with Carefree or the contractors. In October I contacted Carefree and informed them the return they installed on top of the door was not working and that the room is still too hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I informed her that we were also having issues with the bedrooms upstairs-they were not heating or cooling when the doors were closed, and that the loft was pushing out excessive air. ******, at that time made an appointment for **** ******* and a representative from Cool Concepts to come by on October 9, 2014 and measure the amount of air the was being released by the vents. It turned out the numbers were all wrong, they even told me that our house was missing a vent in the laundry room, and that the vent in the loft was releasing an excessive amount of air, causing the system to shut off right away since the thermostat is in the loft, and this way the rooms were not heating and cooling properly when the doors were closed. After many follow up visits to "look" at the system and floor plan **** made yet another appointment in December in which a supervisor with Cool Concepts, the Engineer, and himself were suppose to be present. It only ended up being the Cool Concepts Supervisor and Beto because the Engineer was too busy. And that was the second or third time the Engineer was suppose to be present but ended up being "busy" even after we made the appointment. Anyhow, **** and the Cool Concepts Supervisor ended up agreeing that they needed to tear down the linen closet and add another duct going to the room downstairs (the garage conversion). Beto said that he would request that they build us new shelving in the closet since they were going to tear down the existing shelving to make room for the duct. During the previous follow up visits **** mentioned that his Engineer suggested that we move the thermostat into one of the bedrooms so that the system stays on long enough to cool/heat the rooms when the doors are closed. I told him that it did not make sense to me because the vent in the loft would still be releasing an excessive amount of air and the loft would then be too hot or too cold with all the air that was blowing out. Even the Cool Concepts Supervisor agreed that it did not make sense to move the thermostat because they still would have the issue with excessive air blowing out right on top of the couch where the kids sit. **** then suggested that my kids sleep with their doors open. It is not up to him how they want to sleep and I have toddlers that will not fall asleep if they see people outside of their rooms watching TV or getting ready for bed. When they left that day in December **** advised me that they would begin the work with adding the additional duct, adding the vent in the laundry room and they would talk to the Engineer about resolving the issue with the excessive air in the loft. Weeks came and went and they never called. I would call the office and ******* didn't know what I was talking about because she was new. **** would tell us he was waiting on the Engineer and I even called and left ***** Stroud a message which he never returned. Every once in a while when I called they would say they need to look at our attic again before they start, which seemed like their way of pretending to do something because they would only be there for a minute or two and then leave. Finally after us having to call them many times I received an email from **** stating that they had changed the plan again and that if we didn't want to move the thermostat into one of the bedroom that they were going to leave the problem as is or just close the loft vent all together. They had also changed the game plan for the duct and they were just going to run a line to the downstairs bedroom. The also stated that since they were doing the work as a "courtesy" that they would not be responsible if it was not fixed to our satisfaction anymore. I don't believe the work being done is a courtesy but is their responsibility with the warranty since we have always had these issues, they just refuse to fix it the right way and keep looking for an easy way out.

I feel like our house was very poorly built and rather than to make it right and go out of their way to fix it (especially if it is true that our house was not built by the contractor but by a friend) they go out of their way to ignore you in hopes that the problem just goes away. I am saddened that this was suppose to be our forever home but I don't even think it will last that long.
Our stucco all over the outside of the house is also producing large cracks all over. I know if I bring it to their attention they will do whatever possible to avoid the issue.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ******
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *******

Received: June 2, 2015

Response: June 10, 2015

To Whom It May Concern.

We received the BBB complaint from our customer, Mrs. ***** ********, on June 2, 2015. Once we received the complaint, we reviewed it along with the customers file of warranty request since the customer moved into their home in November of 2012. I contacted Mrs. ******** yesterday, June 9th to scheduled an appointment to meet with her and her husband to discuss their concerns. We have an appointment scheduled for this Friday, June 12, 2015. Our goal in meeting with them is to better understand their issues and concerns with the goal to resolve the issues noted in this complaint to their satisfaction.

In reviewing their complaint, they have noted several items which they have addressed as part of their warranty. Per the complaint, as well as our records, all items other than the current HVAC issue have all been addressed and the customer has signed off as complete.

Their HVAC (ac and heat) issue is more complicated than just going out to their home and changing out a part. Since the matter was first brought to our attention in October of 2014, we have had numerous discussions with the HVAC Engineer who designed the system for their home. He is located out of state but we have spoken to him over the phone, reviewed the design through the internet and have visited with him in our office many times over the last seven months. We have attempted to have him come to Mrs. ******** home several times, but due to changes in the engineers schedule he has not always flown into El Paso as planned. We know this is frustrating to the customer as well as to ourselves. Once he was in town and had this home on his schedule to go to in order to review the issues in person, but due to time constraints, had to cancel his appointment with Mrs. ******** in order to not miss his flight. With out the engineer, CareFree along with Cool Concepts kept their appointment in order to go into the home and review the feedback the engineer had addressed with this team.

While the team shared some of their feedback with the customer, they still had to return to our office to review the building plan and later speak with the engineer again, once he returned to his office in Las Vegas. Once this phone call had been completed, CareFree contacted the customer with an updated plan of action. This plan was different from the plan discussed in their home. While we understand Mr. and Mrs. ******** are not happy with the HVAC system, nor the plan of action discussed with them at this time, we have not taken a position that this matter cannot be corrected to their satisfaction.

This is why we have set up this appointment to meet with them this Friday. Our goal is to come up with a solution that they can be happy with. Our commitment to them and each of our customers is to address and resolve all warranty matters to our customers satisfaction. We continue to request from this customer the opportunity to come into their home and make the corrections to their system that will provide them full use of the HVAC system to their satisfaction.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this request.


***** ******
VP of Operations
CareFree Homes

03/12/2015Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

My Complaint

At this point I am reaching out to the BBB because I have been unsuccessful in getting Carefree Homes to listen to me. I have been trying to get a meeting with the president of the company for 4 months, after stating he would get in contact with me, he then flat out said he will not meet with me. Even though we started off in the right foot, overall I have been abused, disrespected, ignored and lied to by the company. When I bought my home I purchased it because family and friends of mine that work for the company assured me that Carefree was a new company from what it use to be because of the new president. They said that this guy is all about customer service, that "there is no grey area, its black or its white". I was informed by several people including the Operations Manager that the presidents motto is "Don't cheat, don't steal, don't lie to a customer...those are grounds for termination." In my experience, this is not the case. When the president denied a meeting with me he sated that he had been out of the office for an extended period of time and will be out for an extended period of time. I know this is not true, he had been in the office and has been in the office when he said he wasn't and wouldn't be. At some point before I asked him for a meeting he was out for personal issues, but not the timeframe he was stating.
Whenever I was looking to purchase my home, I was told by my friends (employees of the co) that this guy took care of people, he is demanding and has the highest standards. At some point the vice president told me that the president knew more about building than anyone else he had met. That the president wants everyone to be so satisfied that he often takes care of issues outside the warranty period, as long as its within reason. In a nutshell, this guy was everything and anything you would ever expect in every aspect. So why have I had so many issues, and why am I trying so hard and giving them so many opportunities to take care of me and not being successful? I shouldn't have to be trying so hard to give them the opportunity.
When I bought my home I bought it as an Energy Star Certified home, its designed to be energy efficient. It is built with a higher R-value of insulation, sealed envelope, and the Mechanical system is engineered to be efficient. Mix that in with a company that is at the highest level of quality in building and customer service, why wouldn't you? Yet I have had a ton of problems in my house. I have had just about every trade go out to my house to fix issues, many of them more than once for the same issues. I have had issues ranging from having leaks in almost every water valve, to lacking insulation in my attic, to my "engineered" HVAC not working properly since purchase, even my rock walls not being properly supported. I have taken 35 days from work in 18 months to conform to Carefree's schedule and I have been stood up twice. I am self employed, if I'm not working I'm not making money, they know this. It has cost me approximately $11,000 in lost productivity from all the time I had to be at home to tend to workers. This is not including my added energy bills, all the time I have spent on the phone with them, nor the time it has taken me to write letters back an forth. I have not been able to even take a vacation since I purchased my house 2.5years ago because its been a constant with these people, not to mention taking so much time from work to be home, financially I can't. Even when I pleaded with them to take care of everything in one showing, they didn't. Even after I threatened them that I will be billing them for my time because they had dragged their feet so much, they didn't care. They claim that because I signed an agreement at closing that states I have to make the home accessible around their business, hours they would not do anything for me. I could see that point of view, but it's been excessive at this point, its flat out disrespect and disregard for the customer. I have been trying to get a meeting in hopes that we can discuss all my issues and end up in a fair resolution so that I too can be a satisfied "Carefree Home" owner. At this point, I'm not, nor can I recommend one.

Desired Settlement
My Resolution

I want to clarify that my dissatisfaction is not that they have denied any warranties, its the fact that they have not been swift about taking care of my issues (mainly the operations Manager), and that its been a ridiculous amount of things. I have had far more trouble with this house in under 2 years than I had with my old house in the last 9 years, and that was with what is suppose be from an inferior builder!
For now Carefree has agreed to change and relocate my condenser to a 5ton unit to the roof as the one currently in place has never worked properly. This could be the cause of faulty equipment and/or improper installation due to it being too close to the walls and lack of air circulation. I am taking for granted that they will be installing as Mr. **** has stated on his letter plus add the proper supports in the attic as **** ******** had informed me a proper install should be. Also, they have agreed to fix a light canister in my kitchen ceiling and have documented that my rear rock wall will have buttresses installed on my neighbors house side.
Besides these issues I have other issues that I would like to get fixed, the reason why I have been asking for a meeting.
-I again have some stucco around the house that has cracked, it needs touch up.
-The tub faucet leaks a lot when the shower is turned on.
-I put some spray lubricant on a hinge, now the door won't stay closed, its off balance. I have other doors that are squeaking but I'm nervous to spray them as well.

-You recently reinforced two 2by4's in the attic entry as they were cracked by workers going in and out so many times. I had requested a certified letter by an engineer to clear the repair as being proper. You sent me the wrong info and when I advised you of this you basically told me to get it myself. Well, I have been in contact with *********, from Foxworth lumber and I have had no success in getting the letter from him. Every time I speak to him he sais he's working on it and I will receive it shortly. Please get this letter for me for this repair and the proper install of supports that will be done when the condenser gets relocated.
-My house was sold to me landscaped, the main hose to my drippers has sprung a leak, please change it.
-The clogger in one of the toilets has broken.
-Again the doorbell light went out. Its either faulty switches or electrical problems.
-Since I moved to this house, my laundry machine every few weeks goes into protection mode and need to be reset. I spoke to a repairman and the manufacturer and they stated the outlet might be spiking. Please address this.
-The 2way light switches to my back yard buzz when on. Please have them checked, I'd hate for a fire to start.
-I have reason to believe that a water line has come loose behind the wall as I often hear knocking when water is turned on.
-I have reason to believe there is voids of insulation in the walls. Please send Gale insulation with their IR camera to check walls and confirm or deny this.
-Beto, should had told you that the outlet for my dishwasher is loose and you guys need to replace the access door to the attic as your workers ripped off the insulation and its very dirty from the handling so many times.
-The cheap cabinets you installed again need attention, some doors are loose.
-The left window in my formal dining area is hard to open and close. I think its defective.
-My garage door opener (power head) doesn't always turn the light on when you open the garage. I'm assuming the relay for the light is sticking.
-I still have a draft of cold air coming through certain registers at night. This problem has been addressed but still not fixed. Also, my house is still not at the total CFM level as per engineers design. I had spoke with Mr. ******** from Love Engineering, in the past and he stated that the CFMs in every register need to be within the range of the plan for a total of 2000CFMs. After you checked it again and the system was under by 10% he quickly backtracked and changed his answer to "10% is acceptable" when he had said otherwise. When I tried contacting Mr. ***** the owner, he refused to have any sort of communication directly with me. We still have work to do on the Mechanical system.
-The engineers design and the energy star compliance call for a "Time Delay Relay" for mechanical. After you changed my coil you removed it and have been fighting me to put it back. Please do so.
-Since HVAC has never worked and it comes with a 2yr warranty on it, I want the warranty to start at the completion of fixing ALL issues.
-I purchased an Energy Star Home which should had never been certified because of the lack of insulation in the attic. Once all is completed I want a recertification done by EnerGreen.
-I need a certified letter from your Lawyer accepting 100% liability for damages if my rock wall falls from lacking proper buttresses. You keep telling me you're going to fix it but keep ignoring me when I ask when. Your best answer so far is that because the repairs will be done on my neighbors side, so I don't need to be informed and no work need to be done on my side. You are mistaken about this as the wall moving has caused a separation from my planter and perpendicular rock wall to the rear wall that you need to fix upon buttress completion.
Keep in mind that I have more than extended opportunities and have been willing to work with you for any and all repairs. I have not ever been violent nor raised my voice even though you have disrespected me time and time again. You showing up to my house time and time again isn't only infringing on me economically, the time you are there, it's also an inconvenience for us because of our new born baby, and my toddler. You go into my home and make a lot of dust, especially when re-blowing our attic twice, that is harmful to kids, its about privacy and health issues. Besides that, its the inconvenience of having to clean up after your workers even after I provide a shop-vac for their convenience. Problem is no one used it. If you want me to be a satisfied customer, I ask that you fix all my issues stated and be swift about it.

I do ask for minor compensation. I would like for you to do some work around my hose. I would like Custom Closets in 3rms. similar to your Definitive Homes. Extend roof line in back porch, change patio doors glass to in-glass blinds, and refinish all my rock walls. Even though the walls are "new" they are greatly deteriorated and have a lot of gaps that allow for spiders nests. In the summer time I get too many black widows that are a danger to my family. In my old house I had the walls refinished by a man carving out the cement about one inch around each rock and them coming back with mortar, or some product, to fill all the gaps and holes and strengthen the wall all while giving the wall a consistent look without all the patches that are there currently.
In lieu of my four items for compensation, I will also accept you changing my Mechanical system out to a Trane. Apparently you can increase the CFM's in the system if you increase the BTU's on the heater to a 120k as it needs a bigger fan. According to the company I have been in contact with, they recommend the following set up. For the condenser a ********, furnace ************, and for coil 4TXCD063. I have only been able to speak with them as I have not had any available time to meet at my home and they have not inspected the home so this is a preliminary setup with out physical inspection.
I really hope you really have the interests for customer service as I was told before I purchased my home and that we can come to a fair resolution.

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Consumer Response /* ****** *** 2015/01/13) */
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I don't know where this guy is getting his information, but he has beed very misinformed. He isn't even on the right track on the conversation. All this letter is doing is calling me a liar, where does he have the audacity? I NEVER attacked any contractor, on the contraire when anyone showed up to my house and they were there for a longer time I offered food and water. There were times that I did mention to some contractors that the work needed to be done correctly and if they couldn't do it to get someone else, I'm in all my right to demand that. Again, I bought a "Carefree" Home to avoid all of the issues I am having. The condenser is being put on the roof as part of the repair because it has never worked properly, it was on my walk through list for crying out loud! Is this what you consider "timely" as the attorney is stating? Again if there were any delays its because Carefree has been dragging their feet. Whenever I gave them a deadline for completion, it wasn't met. Whenever ***** the operations manager set a deadline, he himself did not meet his deadline, so don't come telling me that I'm the one at fault. There were more than two times that I wrote to ***** to tell him about stuff not getting done, then ***** would tell ***** to get it done and it did. This is one of the primary reasons why I wanted to meet with *****.
I believe everything in my is within reason. Nothing was addressed except that the house is out of warranty and that its all my fault and a liar. As I mentioned before, it was brought to my attention before I purchase the house that ***** took care of people even outside of the home warranty. And yes, I do need the certificates I stated on my original letter, this house has been wrongfully certified and I need something on the back rock wall.
Again, Carefrees response has been nothing but a waste of time. It's not that hard, fix my stuff so I can be satisfied with my purchase and Carefree isn't making a liar of thier salesforce.
I look forward to having Carefree work with me, not against me.

Final Business Response /* ****** *** 2015/01/19) */

Final Consumer Response /* ****** *** 2015/01/26) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Before I accept Carefrees resolution I would like to get clarification that they are agreeing to fix all my issues properly. I need for Carefree to list every item submitted and next to it state "will repair properly", or "will perform action" or something similar. Also, I need to know if they will be replacing my HVAC completely or going to fulfill my requests to be compensated. I understand they typically would not compensate for time, but the amount of income I lost becuse of Carefrees was excessive. I'm really asking for a drop in the bucket.
The reson I want clarification is that I've been down the road with them that they tell me they will be fixing an issue and it either doesn't get fixed, or it gets a "band aid" of a repair. I'm looking out for my time.
Thank you.

02/16/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Foundation failing in 2 seperate areas with corresponding structual collapse to first and second floors.ongoing 4 8 Mon,windows and doors unable close
We bought the home July 2013 cracks started upstair with the first 30,days of having the home.problems with the 4 windows in the dining and up stairs hall were repaired david from carfree came and looked at the home along with *********. Workers from carefree came in and reinforced the structure in the attic and fixed cracks and windows and several other issues. 4 month's later crackers were back in the same places, this time growing at rapid speed. ********* came to the home again and looked over the home. She stephanie said someone would call from carefree in a week, Weeks went by I called by this time grout has cracked doors don't shut walls are sinking and cracking all over. I asked to have someone else come out from carefree. ***** and ***** came out and were shocked and said they had to talk to the vice president *****.***** came to the home. 2 months later we had an engineer from their warranty comp. Come out his report shows there's problems but once it got to there's 2-10 warranty co and their in house engineers they derermined nothing is wrong with the home so now the warranty co won't cover the cost to fix the house.. Usaas engineer shows structural and the foundation rainbowing in the center of the home. 2 months again have gone by.carefree wants these engineers to recommend to them on how to properly fix the problems with the home. Carefree wants a detailed report. Neither of the engineers will do this. We know the problems. Now Carefree wants to get 2 more engineers out here. In the meantime our home have been improperly built and us crumbling around us. 8 months us a long time to ask anyone to wait for a home to be fixed!!!! The CEO of Carefree was not aware of these problems with our house until i called him and he was rude and very unprofessional.My husband is a disabled Vet with PTSD and several other problems and my children's health and well being along with our own not to memention the amount of stress this has caused. In order for Carefree to fix all these issues we will have to be moved from this home along with all our belonging. The ceilings have to be fixed dropped the subfloors upstairs have to be fixed and drywall and tile and grout,paint doors the cracked foundation in two areas.I can pour water from inside my house down the cracks and ants even crawl up through the cracked foundation into the house.driveway,beams there's just too much to list I'm not a professional to know all the things that have to be done.

Desired Settlement
At this point we have asked them to buy the home back. But in the state of Texas the home has to be fixed first. However there are exception to ever rule. We are just wanting carefree to do the right thing. After 8 months it does not seem like they are ENGAGED in getting this situation resolved.
Fix it
Replace it with single story.equal size and lot.
If this Co CARED we would not be in our 8th month of dealing with all these problems.

Business Response /* ****** ** 2015/02/04) */
February 4, 2015

CareFree Homes continues to focus on quality built homes and customer satisfaction. In spite of our best efforts, a home may incur warranty type items which need to be corrected. Our commitment to each customer is that we will stand behind our homes and make the required corrections as needed. We proactively offer to each customer a 60 day visit and a 12 month visit to make needed repairs to the customers satisfaction. Per our contract agreement with each customer, we have parts of the home that fall under a one year (bumper to bumper), two year (electric, plumbing and HVAC systems)and ten year (structural) written warranty.

It was at the 12 month visit that the Andersons felt that they had structural type issues they were concerned about. Our warranty team visited with them and had felt most of the items they listed on their 12 month list were typical of normal warranty items seen during a 12 month visit. Per our teams request, I (***** ******* VP Operations at CareFree Homes) contacted Mr. ******** to schedule a visit to his home so I could view his concerns myself. The two of us met in October where I spent approximately two hours walking through his home as well as the exterior of the home. I told him at the time and later his wife on the phone, that CareFree would stand behind the home and make the needed corrections. While I did not see a major problem with his structural, I did mention that I had a minor concern with the foundation which was correctable, but we would need to reach out to the 2-10 Home Warranty company and have their engineer tell us how to make the needed repair. We wanted to do the job right and felt a professional engineer should tell us exactly how to do that. We scheduled the visit with the 2-10 company, which was done approximately early November. We did not get the engineers report back till mid-December. At that time, the engineer noted that the problem was within tolerance and did not provide us with the desired detail of how to correct the foundation. We agreed with the ********* that something should be done. I asked my warranty team to contact another engineer for a second opinion. It was during a call with the ********* that we were told they had already reached out to their insurance company for another opinion. We both waited for this opinion. Once we received and reviewed this second opinion, it said, the concrete foundation had bowed up in the center and was correctable, but again, did not provide us with specifics on how to make the correction. We contacted the engineer directly to request the detail information we needed. Even after offering to pay for the information, the engineered refused to provide the information, verbally or in writing. We are currently locating another engineer to provide the specifics needed to make the repair. We feel that an engineer is needed to determine the correct course of action akin to going to the doctor and saying I have a pain in my chest and the doctor just tell us, yes there is a problem and not telling us what medicine to take, what addition test should be conducted and if surgery is needed.

CareFree continues to stand behind the ******** home. Once we receive specific direction from an engineer, we will make the corrections as requested by the Andersons. In the mean time we are attempting to locate a foundation company to do the repair once the final detail is determined. Currently, there is not a company in the El Paso, Texas market area who does this type of work.

In the mean time, we have offered to make other repairs to the home but have been asked to wait by the Andersons until the foundation issue is determined.

CareFree Homes will always stand behind our homes with the goal to do the warranty repairs correctly and to the customer satisfaction.


VP Operations
CareFree Homes

09/05/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Carefree Homes will not refund the deposit money towards home construction that was giving before approval of permit to build the house.
I deposited $500 in earnest money towards the building of a house & $1,248 in a cashiers check Serial# ********** Account# ************dated on July 13, 2013 to Carefree Homes. Due to them sending me to one of their lenders for mortgage pre-approval which was giving to me for approval, which we agreed to further process of the home construction, but at the last minute the lender did not want to approve me. Contract stated LENDER MONEY AVAILABILITY: This purchase Agreement is subject to the availability of mortgage or interim construction money to the seller or buyer. If such money is unavailable as determined by seller, seller may cancel this purchase agreement and all sums paid to the seller only by the buyer will be refunded, without interest, and thereupon all parties to this purchase agreement shall have no further liability of one to the other. This property has not been build yet and the company does not agree to refund the money I put towards the process for it.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking full refund of deposit money.

Business' Initial Response
We are in the process of terminating Mr.****** and giving him a full refund. Carefree Homes was under the understanding by his agent, that the loan was being transferred. Therefore, we had no idea he wanted to cancel.

11/12/2013Problems with Product / Service
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