Door to Door Scams

May 02, 2014

Local organization collects for charity while soliciting business! BBB warns consumers of the increase in potential door-to-door scams. 

BBB would like the community to be aware of a local business that has been going door-to-door selling candy to collect money for the Be A Hero charity. This organization then attempts to solicit business for their company The Reno House

BBB has recently learned that The Reno House, a “Non-Accredited” business with BBB, is misleading consumers by offering the services of “Accredited” BBB contractors - with A+ ratings! BBB has no affiliation with The Reno House and no knowledge of Accredited business owners with A+ ratings working with this company. 

Reports have been received by Service Alberta from consumers who have been solicited by this charity and business in the Edmonton area. Be A Hero is a registered charity with the CRA, however they are currently not registered with Service Alberta. 

With spring comes the increase in door-to-door solicitation. Be a wise consumer and know the difference between scams and legitimate activities. 

Door to door solicitation for charity is not unusual and many charities rely on this activity as their main source of revenue to raise funds for worthy causes. Unfortunately, every year we also see scams which hurts the existence of valuable charities. Be smart and know who you are giving your money to. 

When approached by a charity ask:

  • If they have a fundraising business license and ask to see it.
  • What the name of the charity is and how long have they been in business.
  • Check to see if they are an Accredited charity with BBB.

Door-to-door solicitation is a legal activity and tends to increase in the warmer months. While many homeowners may not want to be bothered, others often purchase items including goods and services for their home. Make sure you are protected when deciding to make a purchase.


When approached by a door-to-door salesman note that:

  • If they are selling goods or services they are required to have a direct seller’s license - ask to see it.
  • Check out the business before deciding to purchase on
  • If purchasing goods or services, ensure that the contract states that you can cancel within 10 days – a requirement by law!
  • Please note that not ALL businesses require a license for door-to-door sales. For a complete list visit the Service Alberta website.

What can you do if you feel a business or charity is not legitimate or you have been scammed?

  • File a Complaint with BBB. 

Always be leery of businesses who seem suspicious by offering multiple, unrelated goods or services or asking for charitable donations, while soliciting business.