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Big Iron Drilling Ltd

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Customer Complaints Summary

8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 4 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service7
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints8

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Complaint Resolution Log (8)BBB Closure Definitions
07/29/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received

Complaint: Bought an iron eater filter for 5100 $ in 2009.
System never worked properly ,just a small part of the iron is removed and the iron bacteria is incredibly high.
Sent big iron water sample and **** ******** (sales)said no problem and he guaranteed the product will work to Canadian standards.
Sent more sample after, did many analysis by independent labs, took pictures , sent everything to big iron and actually took their system to their shop in Edmonton.......They did not do anything to it , and were surprised why it does not work.
Exchanged Emails but nothing is resolved.
I want them to stand behind their products and to give me an offer to buy their product back .
They have a rental service where they could use their product again.
It would not be a loss for them.
Me , on the other end , I m buying a different system that has already been tested and works properly. I m absorbing that cost.


Initial Business Response
We agree that the water problem Mr. **** is experiencing now is not satisfactory. However, we do not assume responsibility for the problems he is experiencing for the following reasons:
In August 2009, using a water sample provided by Mr. ****, we performed a water test, made recommendations and supplied equipment that was designed to treat the water represented in that water test. 28 months later on Dec 13, 2011, Mr. **** sent us an email (copy faxed to BBB) stating "Everything seems to be working fine, except I m experiencing a 20 PSI lose lately after the Iron eater bottle....Any suggestions?" This established the veracity of the recommendations and the functionality of the equipment supplied to Mr. **** up to that time.
We have never been to Mr. ****'s residence as he lives in BC and have relied on information supplied by him.
Subsequent to Dec 13, 2011, 2 further tests have been performed on Mr. ****'s water. One done by Caro Analytical Service for Mr. **** and one done by Big Iron Drilling. Both these water tests were substantially different from each other and from the initial water test done August 2009. Conclusion: The water in Mr. ****'s well has been changing and is not the same water quality today as we were contracted to treat initially.
We have made recommendations to treat his existing problems but he said he does not wish to purchase anymore equipment from us. We understand from his complaint to the BBB that he has already purchased additional equipment to deal with his changed water.
We have never refused to service Mr. ****'s equipment and have willingly fulfilled our warranty obligations to him at no charge to date. We are still willing to continue honouring our warranty obligations to him.
We are not and cannot be responsible for the change in quality and/or quantity of any water well.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I m sorry but I disagree with the facts.
The big iron system effectively got plugged in 2011.
Big iron then changed the media bottle under warranty as well as the media contents.
Thank you , it was appreciated.
Since the system never removed the iron as per Canadian standard, only about 35% was removed and those analysis were done by **** Dec. XX XXXX.
I also sent water samples to Big iron and they were delivered Feb XX XXXX at 10.08 am.
I had to email big iron on March XX XXXX since I had no reply from them.
I then drove, at my cost, their equipment to their shop in Edmonton in April 2013 and they told me that they don t understand why it s not working properly.
The amount of iron in my well has barely changed over the years , it fluctuates between 1.8 to 2.0.
Big iron claims that the system they sold me could remove iron even above 5.0....
Big iron offered me then to buy a USED tannin filter for over 3,000$,to improve the color of the water, but they did not do anything for fixing the equipment i brought them, so it filters the iron, which was the primary purpose of buying their equipment in the first place .
I contacted by Email Ms ***** at big iron on Feb 11 2014 asking if she could buy their equipment back from me, even at a fraction of the cost .
The answer was NO , even though they offered me to buy a USED system earlier.
The water got so bad then , that I had no choice but to buy,from a different place, a new iron filter for 1,100 $ and it s removing 98% to 100% of the iron now.
I paid 5,100$ for Big iron equipment in 2009.

These are the dates and facts and I have all the documentation to back it up.


Final Business Response
Mr. **** has owned the ****** system since 2009. We will provide Mr. **** with $1,100.00 plus G.S.T., the price he paid for the new Iron Filter. He is to return the ****** unit to Big Iron Drilling and it will be refurbished. Mr. **** will have 30 days after refurbishing to pick up the unit.

Complaint Resolution: Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

05/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior repair

Complaint: Big Iron Drilling of Edmonton. We had non-potable water from our residential well, so having had wonderful results using Big Iron in Calgary, AB, we naturally sought help from this company in Edmonton. Unfortunately it was a dreadful mess on the part of the installer, just astonishing. **************************************************************************************************************************************************** The equipment had problems going forward, all "install" related. The equipment worked well and did the job we purchased it to do, but we had 3 floods as a result of hoses popping off (not secured with hose clamps) and the drain pipe froze. After removing the solid bottom of our modular home and removing/replacing the insulation that was water damaged from the flood, my husband discovered that the drain had not been properly heat taped. Hence the freezing, and the hoses popping off. We experienced 2 floods when I called and spoke to the ************************** manager asking for a "Peace of Mind" inspection, given the many challenges we have had with our equipment - again, all install related. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** While we were away our daughter, who was house-sitting for us had another flood! Called the customer service and a support person came out and left the system completely by-passed and non working. Then they invoiced us for this. It goes on and on. We are not done yet. My husband has since gone under the home and completed the heat trace necessary to prevent freezing (should have been done at install) and has reconnected the system, and reprogrammed it using the manual. He is not a plumber. We are hoping that things will work more smoothly now. I am still being invoiced for service calls (no dates on any of the service calls) and I have informed them that I refuse to pay.

Initial Business Response
Since the installation of ******* ******'s water treatment equipment in her mobile home June 2011, we have serviced it at no charge several times. The floods were caused by the ******'s frozen drain November 21, 2011, again the frozen drain February 29, 2014 and again the same frozen drain March 4, 2014. On March 4, we charged her a service fee for this call as it was again their frozen drain This drain is the receptacle for the water treatment's flush line and is not attached to our equipment. She has always been aware that this situation is their responsibility and she had been advised to fix the problem on a number of occasions by two of our service men and our service co-ordinator. It is the responsibility of the home owner to have proper and adequate drainage facilities. This is clearly stated on our signed purchase agreement and Ms. ****** is fully aware of this fact. Big Iron Drilling Ltd. does not supply heat trace or have we ever done so. This is the customer's responsibility and it is illegal for Big Iron Drilling Ltd. to do any electrical or journeyman plumbing work required in this regard. According to Alberta Government regulations, this must be done by a licensed electrician, a plumber or it can be done by the home owner. This was explained to ******* ****** on a number of occasions and she knows it to be true. We have no intention of going against Alberta Government regulations. ******* ****** is being charged $175.00 plus G.S.T. for the March 4, 2014 service call. It was the same problem each time we were called out, which they did not fix. We will not be servicing the ******'s equipment in the future if this service fee is not paid.

Complaint Resolution: Company offered a partial (less than 100%) settlement which the consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

02/28/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services

Complaint: October, 2012 (approx) Big Iron Drilling, Edmonton, AB drilled a water well for cost 15K...they have yet to deliver a good product as promised...we have been suffering with black water and other related issues since then...we paid them promptly...they never return our calls, nor do they respond to our letters of is now, almost January 2014...we have had nothing from them to meet their pristine advertising practices in more than a year...we can produce letters and invoices upon request. Along with less than desirable water, we also do not have proper water pressure to even flush a toilet and run a sink at the same time. We are extremely dissatisfied with this company and need help to resolve this issue.

Initial Business Response
In response to **** ******'s comments, I was not aware of Ms. ******'s request to **** ******** before his passing. However, we will honour our obligation regarding pricing and discounts etc. with no problem. Further, there will be no nastiness whatsoever with **** ****** in the future as there has been none in the past. When weather permits, we will do whatever it takes to see that **** ******'s water well situation is corrected and there will be no cost whatsoever to her. Under the circumstances in this particular situation, our major problem is the weather and it coinciding with drilling rig availablity. In any event, we are looking forward to having **** ******'s problem solved nearly as bad as she does. We will be in touch with Ms. ****** shortly after she receives this reply and we hope to get things straightened around as soon as possible and weather permitting. et.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

10/14/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation misrepresented the product

Complaint: THIS OVERVIEWS THE LETTER THAT WE SENT TO BIG IRON on the 18th of August. WE HAVE RECEIVED NO RESPONSE> A year ago we purchased a water system from BIG IRON DRILLING company. When we purchased the system, we were assured that we had purchased the system specifically for drinking water. In review of the BIG IRON Website that is what it purports to sell.

We have since found out that our water will not be approved for use as the Alberta Health Services with an elder in the home. As well, they have further indicated that there would be no way that the water system that was installed could make water safe for human consumption.

We are very disappointed as we have now been directed that we cannot use the water for consumption at our home.



Please find attached
* Two letters of communication with Alberta Health Services
* The overview that we provided to our lawyer about the BIG IRON water system.

At this point, we are requesting that this situation be resolved amicably without further legal involvement. We are respectfully requesting a full refund of the money we paid for the system, and that BIG IRON come and remove the system. We had a system before that provided for the household water, and we believe that this system was sold to us with false advertising, and as a system that will not meet Alberta Health Standards, and with the ensuing ill health experienced by the residents in our home, we do not want it.

Initial Business Response
During the summer of 2012,the************* contacted Big Iron Drilling and requested a residential home water treatment system. They did not request or purchase a commercial system designed to supply water to a licensed commercial seniors residence as evidenced by the original consumer contact.

From the time we installed the system on July 30, 2012 until we received a demand letter on August 18, 2013, we had no contact from the ************ regarding water system quality concerns. In the 13 month period from the time of installation until the demand letter, they only had contacted us regarding maintenance instructions and maintenance filters. We were never in any way told that they were unsatisfied with the equipment or the quality of the water relative to our equipment.
Upon receiving the ************* August l8th letter referencing a letter from Alberta Health Services, we contacted the writer, ************, Environmental Health Officer with Alberta Health Services and had a very pleasant and useful discussion with *****.
***** informed us that the ************* now wanted to license their home for commerical health purposes and bring seniors into their home. She stated that AHS has different guidelines for commercial health purposes and that the ************* would need to meet these prior to a license being granted. We asked her if ************* water had failed any health tests and she said no. Her issue is with the purpose of the water and the guidelines that are applied to licensed commercial operations. ***** said that the ************* would need to hire an Environmental Consultant to assess the water for commercial use prior to a license being granted.

Big Iron Drilling will be pleased to coninue to honour our warranty obligations and be of assistance to the ************ in the future.

Complaint Resolution: Company offered a partial (less than 100%) settlement which the consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

09/11/2012Problems with Product / Service
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01/23/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint: We paid $4,000 for our iron eater water softener in 2009 and $2,000 for an iron filter 1 year later, both of which have been replaced once already. We need a service call every year because they stop working.

We called for service in September of 2013 because our system had not worked for several months, and talked to a service man? he said obviously our system was not working and he would let somebody know about it. No one called back.

Then we called 2 weeks later and the lady said there was no record of our call and they would call us back, which they never did.

Then we called again approximately 3 weeks later and again they said they had no record of our call and they would leave a service request for the appropriate person.

Another 3 weeks and no reply, so we called again and I told them to make a special trip to service our equipment. They said they would call and book us.

2 days later they call and book a service appointment for Friday, Dec. 13th, 2013. No one shows up!

We called the Monday after and they said they don't know why the service guy did not show and would have to find out. I asked to speak to the service manager who was not in and was going to call me back. Of course no call, so I called again today, but the service manager is not in.

I paid $6,000 plus tax for a system that does not work and they will not service it so I want my money back!

Initial Business Response
************'s water treatment equipment was serviced the same day that they notified the BBB. Our service person phoned the office to cancel the scheduled December 13th appointment. ****************************************************************************************************************************** the cancelling and rescheduling message was not relayed to this customer. However, the customer was serviced on Decmeber 17th, the same day the customer notified the BBB. We have also been back since Dec. 17th and have finished correcting the problem the ********* were having. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
************************* our first call was in September and it doesn't explain why it took 3 months to get our system serviced. This is the worst service I've ever received from any company, especially with the premium price I paid. And we do appreciate the friendly service technicians when they come but we never know what time they will show up and booking for 9:00 at night isn't really acceptable.
What happens if our system stops working again? We don't expect next day service, 2-3 weeks is acceptable, but will it take another 3 months and a complaint to BBB to get service?
Our system seems to be working well now so no further action needs to be taken.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

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BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.