#TipTuesday: Tips to Avoid Shady For-Profit Schools

Every other Tuesday, BBB puts out a new set of tips every consumer can use to keep themselves safer and smarter when making financial decisions.
September 02, 2014

Enrollment at for-profit schools—including trade schools and online universities—has skyrocketed in recent years. Unfortunately, not all schools offer a quality education and enrolling in a sub-par program can be a waste of time and money. This was the case in Idaho just a few months ago, when a college was shut down for the same reasons. 

When applying to a for-profit school, BBB recommends following these tips:

Tip #1: Don't be pressured. If a sales rep is bullying you or demanding immediate sign-up, walk away. A reputable school will allow you time to get questions answered and make an informed decision.

Tip #2: Recognize exaggeration. Beware of any school that guarantees you will get a job or make a certain amount of money after completing their program. Landing a job is never a sure thing, and you should always verify any salary quotes with a third party.

Tip #3: Watch for inflated prices. Before signing up with any for-profit school, do your research and compare costs against other for-profit schools and public colleges.

Tip #4: Verify their accreditation. While BBB Accreditation is always a plus, accreditation with the U.S. Department of Education is an absolute must. If a for-profit school isn't accredited, look elsewhere.

Tip #5: Beware of "cheap and easy." Online diploma mills pose as online schools and often make "cheap and easy" promises. If the degree seems too easy to earn—simply taking a test online or earning your degree based on life experience—it probably isn’t legitimate.

Tip #6: Look for the runaround. Ask plenty of questions when talking to recruiters. If you get the runaround instead of clear, concise answers, it’s a bad sign.

Tip #7: Never be willing to lie. Some recruiters encourage lying on financial aid forms in order to get more money. Not only is that a bad idea, it could get you fined and thrown in jail.

If you or someone you know has been solicited by a shady for-profit school, contact your BBB by calling 509.455.4200 or emailing info@spokane.bbb.org


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