#TipTuesday: 6 Tips to Keep Your Vacation Money Safe

June 17, 2014

Graduations and the school year are now in the past, so vacation season is the next thing on everyone's minds. With all the planning that goes into just a weekend away from home, the last thing people want is a dishonest business making things more difficult. For this week's edition of #TipTuesday, BBB has some tips for keeping your vacation money safe.

Tip #1: Keep your card number. Be cautious of free trials or services that ask for credit card information to sign up. Do not give your credit card number to any person or business unless you expect to be charged for a product or service.

Tip #2: If it sounds too good... Be wary of ads that have few details and promise a lot for little money. If a vacation package sounds too good to be true, research its legitimacy and check for restrictions.

Tip #3: Confirm, then pay. Be cautious of firms that ask you to pay before confirming reservations. Most reputable travel agents will confirm reservations before taking payment.

Tip #4: Check out the company. Deal only with established companies. If their name or reputation are unfamiliar, check with BBB for complaint history and customer reviews.

Tip #5: Ask for details. If you’re unfamiliar with a firm’s operating procedures, request written information on the total cost of the vacation and all items included. Also, ask about your right to cancel and the availability of cancellation insurance.  

Tip #6: A good deal will wait. Second-guess offers that are good “today only.” This urgency tactic is common among dishonest and misleading businesses. An honest deal will likely be there tomorrow.


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