#TipTuesday: 5 Tips to Help You Build a Small Business

Each Tuesday, BBB puts out a new set of tips every consumer can use to keep themselves safer and smarter when making financial decisions.
May 12, 2014

This week, people all across the nation are celebrating the 52nd annual National Small Business Week to celebrate U.S. entrepreneurs' contribution to the economic success of America.  To commemorate the occasion in the Northwest, BBB offers 5 Tips to Help You Build a Small Business for our next #TipTuesday series.

Tip #1 - Brand Well. Your name and logo are important, but so is your mission: what you do, how you do it, how you treat your customers, and the type of information you share through marketing and social media.

Tip #2 - Have great products & services. The best thing to pair with a good brand is a great product. A bad product, on the other hand, makes good branding virtually worthless. Always put the product first, not the money it brings in, and never stop refining your craft.

Tip #3 - Be your own biggest fan. Look to other popular brands to emulate how they promote themselves, then show potential customers your passion for your new business. Tying a face to the name also helps personalize your new business..

Tip #4 - Be reliable. The foundation of brand loyalty lies in great service--a happy customer is a loyal customer. Stand by your promises and make sure they’re ones you can keep every time.

Tip #5 - Build a community. Whether it’s online through Facebook or Twitter, or through in-person networking, you can build a community with your customers and earn valuable trust for your business.


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