#TipTuesday: 5 Tips for Job-Seeking Military Veterans

Each Tuesday, BBB puts out a new set of tips every consumer can use to keep themselves safer and smarter when making financial decisions.
May 20, 2014

Finding a civilian job after leaving a life of military service can be a challenging and daunting task. In honor of Memorial Day, BBB offers the following five tips to find success in interviewing for finding a career path post-military.

Tip #1: Create a road map. Once your military service ends, decide which career path you want to take. Outline the steps required to achieve your goal, then move forward.

Tip #2: Self-evaluate. After figuring out what a particular job requires, determine if those requirements can be met. If they can, continue pursuing that path. If not, the right fit is still out there for you.

Tip #3: Find a mentor. Seek the help of another person who once was in your shoes. Having someone to talk through similar issues and concerns can greatly help the transition to civilian life.

Tip #4: Be patient & persistent. Job hunting and the hiring process can take time. Patience and persistence helps mitigate frustration and keeps your focus razor sharp for when the right opportunity presents itself.

Tip #5: Seek out resources. Many organizations exist to help veterans find jobs, so be sure to take advantage of free resources. BBB Military Line is a great place to begin. Visit bbb.org/council to get started.


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