Express Package Delivery (EPD) Sending Deceptive Postcards Saying "Sorry we missed you!"

January 12, 2010

BBB Western PA warns about deceptive mailings that are being sent to consumers in the form of a postcard. The postcard claims that a package could not be delivered to you and states, “Sorry we missed you!!!”

The postcard is from:

Express Package Delivery (EPD)
P.O. Box 131690

Tyler TX 75713-1690
Phone: 888.472.5335 or 903.839.1500

The postcard instructs you to “Call to schedule pickup”. After calling the number, consumers are asked for the twelve-digit pickup number and then told that they have a free vacation package. Consumers are then asked for a credit card number to pay for a “…nominal delivery fee,” which must be paid in advance. CONSIDER THIS ACTIVITY TO BE A RED FLAG.

On calling the number, the consumer is specifically:

· asked for 12 digit pickup number on card

· asked for credit card number to pay for a “nominal” delivery fee which must be paid in advance

· consumers state EPD is using deceptive marketing tactics, since there was no attempted delivery

· EPD has the BBB's lowest rating.


This is a questionable selling tactic to attempt to sell vacation certificates and to gain access to credit card information.

We encourage consumers with unresolved issues to file complaints at As always, check every unknown offer or company with BBB or by checking online at