Consumer Loses Thousands to Premier Timeshare Solutions (PTS) of FL

January 26, 2010

Consumer Loses Thousands to Florida Listing Company,  Premier Timeshare Solutions (PTS) of FL

In this challenging economy, consumers are looking for ways to reduce debt. Some timeshare owners are interested in selling their timeshares so they can recoup their investment and stop paying maintenance fees. 

Premier Timeshare Solutions (PTS), located in West Palm Beach, Florida, is the subject of complaints to BBBs from timeshare owners across the U.S.  The complainants allege that Premier Timeshare Solutions misrepresents, in telemarketing calls that buyers are already lined up. But after paying upfront fees of over $2,500, the complaints say, customers find that buyers aren’t immediately available.

A consumer from Lincoln, Nebraska was contacted by PTS with an offer to sell two timeshares that he owns. He was promised by the company that they had a buyer for his timeshares, but if the sales did not go through, he would get his money back. He decided to proceed with PTS because he had been trying to sell his timeshares for quite sometime and had listed them with several other listing companies with no results.  He paid PTS $2,564 to list his timeshare in Las Vegas and $2751 to list his timeshare in Branson, MO. In addition, he paid $2,395 to have PTS sell his unused weeks at both properties. A total of $7,710 was charged to his credit card.

In December, 2009, this customer was told that the timeshares sold, but he never received documentation regarding the sales or the closing statements. In addition, the consumer had the deeds to the properties and knew that they could not have been sold without them.

The BBB warns potential customers of timeshare resale businesses to have a clear understanding of all terms and conditions of the company’s contract before signing.

If the business offers a listing service, find out where the company’s ads will appear, and determine what criteria the company uses when matching potential buyers and sellers of timeshare properties.

In a typical real estate transaction the fee is paid from the proceeds of the sale, at the time of the sale. You may want to opt for a company which will wait for its fee until the sale goes through. You should also find out if the salespeople are licensed real estate brokers and whether there are any complaints lodged against the broker. Contact your state's real estate regulators for this info.

Finally, check out the business with the BBB at Be wary of any high-pressure, too-good-to-be-true claims that the timeshare resale market is “hot” or that a buyer is already lined up.