GLOBAL RESORTS CONDOS PLUS of KS Accused of Making Bogus Timeshare Sale Pitches

December 16, 2009

GLOBAL RESORTS CONDOS PLUS of KS Accused of Making Bogus Timeshare Sale Pitches

Kansas AG Issues Temporary Restraining Order

Tobias Jones, Owner
(817) 945-6513
1704 Vine St
Hays, KS 67601-3341

The Kansas Attorney General’s Office, with assistance from the KS BBB and Hays Police Department, has shut down a Hays business for misrepresenting the nature of their services to consumers in violation the Kansas Consumer Protection Act and the Kansas’s telemarketing fraud statute.

The BBB received numerous phone calls from consumers around the country who were scammed by Global Resort Condos Plus and the owner, Tobias Jones. The complaints all alleged that a GRCP representative called and indicated that the consumers’ timeshares have been sold (or a buyer is interested) and that $1995-$2050 was needed to complete the transaction. The consumers provided a credit card number and later received an email confirmation, at which point they discover they’ve paid $1995-$2050 only to have their timeshare advertised on the internet for sale or rent.

The Attorney General’s Office requested and was granted on December 2, 2009, a Temporary Restraining Order on the business as a result of our information.


If you have unresolved issues concerning this group, BBB urges you to contact the Kansas AG’s Office to file a formal complaint.

Tips if you are interested in selling your Time Share:

  • Ask your resort’s developer, resort manager or owner’s association if they have a newsletter, website or bulletin board where owners can advertise their timeshare for resale.
  • If doing business with a reseller, shop around and compare prices and services before deciding who gets your business.
  • Avoid paying money to a reseller upfront. If possible, find a reseller that takes its fee after the timeshare is sold. If you must pay a fee in advance, ask about refunds. Get refund policies and promises in writing.
  • Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics; they often indicate a scam.
  • Ask if the reseller’s agents are licensed to sell real estate where your timeshare is located. If so, verify it with the Real Estate Commission. Deal only with licensed real estate brokers and agents, and ask for references from satisfied clients.
  • Read the contract thoroughly and make sure you understand everything before you sign.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau to check the company’s reputation. Ask if any complaints are on file.
  • If you sell your deed, let the resort know who now owns your timeshare and who to bill for the maintenance fees and taxes.
  • Check public records to verify that the deed has been filed in the new owner’s name.