Young Enterprises aka RNC Sales of FL Selling Cleaning Products Door-to-Door, Altering Checks Received

July 17, 2009

Young Enterprises aka RNC Sales, Inc.
(800) 214-1444
PO Box 340346
Tampa, FL 33694-0346

Today, a regional bank in Pasco contacted the BBB to report that two of their customers have been victimized by a Florida door-to-door cleaning product sales company called Young Enterprises aka RNC Sales.

Reps for this company are selling jugs of an all-purpose cleaner door-to-door. Consumers are writing checks for the amount of the jug, for example, $48.

The reps are then altering the check amounts by placing a “1” in front of the original amount, making it $148, and then cashing the checks ASAP.

Shawn Aminoes is the name of the rep going door-to-door and Rena McGhee is the name placed on the back of the check as to whose account the money should be deposited to.

This company has the BBB’s lowest rating of F:


It PAYS the check out door-to-door companies FIRST with BBB before doing business with them. If you are a victim of this type of sale and have compromised your checking account in any way, contact your bank ASAP to report it. If someone has altered your personal checks in any way, file a police report with your local police department. If you have an unresolved complaint, file with BBB at: