Fraudulent Bozeman Chronicle Ad Calls Being Made To Montanans by “Melissa” Asking for Account Info

April 08, 2009

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle has alerted the Bozeman Chamber and BBB that there is a telephone scam going on today.

A female caller named “Melissa” is randomly contacting area residents (and perhaps other MT residents), falsely stating that she is Head of Accounting for the Chronicle.

She is telling people they can pre-pay for advertising and get discounts, is very high pressuring and persistent. Her goal is to get you to compromise your personal financial information (credit card #, bank account, etc.) most likely to commit ID Theft.

According to Chronicle employees, "Melissa" is giving a variety of local phone numbers for you to call back.

The Chronicle has confirmed that this “Melissa” does not work for their office, and that the paper is not conducting these calls.

They urges people who may receive this, or any other calls similar to it, to note the number that the call is being originated from, if possible, to hang up without giving any personal and/or financial information, and report the incident to their local law enforcement office as well as the Chronicle office.


If you ever receive such a call from what seems like a legitimate local or regional business of yours, kindly gain information about who is calling and tell the caller that to confirm that they are who they are, you will end the call and contact the legitimate business to verify the validity of the call and caller. Don’t shy away from doing this! You have a right to confirm validity of any call being made to you before you say yes or agree to anything.