Managing Credit, Made Simpler

March 05, 2012

In today’s society, credit management is as important as money management. You need to read agreements you sign with lenders, understand your credit score, and manage your credit effectively. It’s complicated, but BBB has made it simpler with three clear and easy-to-understand guides based on your level of experience with credit and the amount of your debt.


New to Credit Secure your first credit card, manage a personal credit line, apply for a loan. Having a good credit record may help you qualify for lower interest rates, and your credit record may also affect your ability to get a job, an apartment or affordable car insurance, among other things.


Balancing ActHave you tried to manage your money well, but are facing changes in you financial situation? Are mounting bills and limited resources making you aware that you need to develop a new plan before your financial situation gets worse?


Overwhelming ObligationsIf your bills are piling up, you are barely making minimum payments, or creditors are calling, this version is for you. Get solid advice that can help you pay down high balances and get back to financial health.