Scam Using Spoofed City #s Targets Spokane Area

September 19, 2011

A person, or persons, is attempting to glean personal bank account information from victims by calling from what appears to be an official city phone number, a City of Spokane new release said.

Caller ID information has been modified to appear as though the call is coming from the city, the news release said. Many city numbers have a 625 prefix.

No one at the City of Spokane would call a resident to request bank account information, the news release said. Police also reminded the public to never give out such personal information unless they are certain who they are dealing with.

Anyone who receives this type of call and has compromised personal information should report it to Crime Check at (509) 456-2233. If you ever receive a suspicious call and want to confirm or verify that it is legitimate, contact BBB at: or call 509-455-4200 or 800-356-1007.