R&R Taylor Construction of Bozeman, MT Business Cell Phone Gets Spoofed by Scammers

September 07, 2011

R&R Taylor Construction of Bozeman, MT's Business Cell Phone Gets Spoofed by Scammers

Company getting angry calls from consumers thinking it’s them doing the scamming. NOT! 

On September 7, 2011, it was brought to BBB's attention that one of R&R Taylor’s company cell phones for business is being spoofed and used by scammers to attempt to get people to part with their money.

The company has relayed to BBB that it is getting calls from people out of state who are very upset and even threatening to sue because they believe that the company is behind the scam calls they’ve received.

The company is in no way affiliated with these calls, and is the victim of a scam.


We urge people to not contact the company thinking they are behind any questionable conversations that have taken place requiring payment via the number: 406-209-2301. Feel free to contact BBB to confirm this info.

Scammers have spoofed this number and are using it to purport scams against people randomly in the United States. Caller ID displays the number correctly, but with spoofed numbers, you can't tell what is real and not.

BBB urges anyone who has fallen for this scam via this number to not call and threaten the company, but to be pro-active and file a police report ASAP as well, file a formal complaint with the FBI at: www.ic3.gov


If you find yourself as a business in this predicament, BBB urges you to:

*File a police report ASAP. If you receive calls from people who don’t believe that they are being scammed, you can use a copy of your police report to prove to people that you are not kidding.

*Contact your phone company for directives and advice. Consider relinquishing the cell phone # all together.

*Contact your local chamber and BBB, and relay the issues. Utilize them as a confirmation tool regarding any callers who believe you are not telling them the truth. Send those callers to the chamber and/or BBB for confirmation of the situation. We’ll explain it to them.

*If you have a web site, use it as a communication tool to relay the situation as a posted alert. Do not forget to leave a message on your company’s voicemail for after-hour callers explaining the situation.

*Get with media ASAP and share your story---If people are looking your company up, they will see the story or whatnot posted online…proving that the company is a victim, too.

*Ask your local BBB to post something to its NEWS CENTER and to add custom text to your company review about the scam to warn others.