Watch Out for False Promises from

August 02, 2011

Watch Out for False Promises from

BBB cautions consumers to watch out for a website that is falsely charging for BBB complaint resolution services. charges consumers an upfront fee of $1500 to $2000 for assistance in collecting money owed from businesses only to forward consumers’ complaints to BBB. told one consumer that in order to help him collect money owed from a business he needed to pay 30% of the amount owed. The site requested half of the 30% upfront, which he paid.

After receiving the fee, asked the consumer to provide the details of the dispute so the site could determine whether to handle the "case." 

Afterwards, the consumer received an information packet that included an envelope addressed to BBB. told the consumer that they would recover his money within 90 days. That time has passed and the consumer has tried to contact and has received no response. 


BBB wishes to remind all consumers that their complaint processing services are free (unless you opt for dispute resolution services of mediation or arbitration via BBB).

Consumers should not pay a third party in order to receive help from BBB. If you have an unresolved issue concerning this company, or any other in the US or Canada, we urge you to file with BBB for resolve at: