PocketiNet Communications, Inc. of Kennewick and Walla Walla, WA Victims of Caller ID Spoof Phishing Scam

July 15, 2010

PocketiNet Communications, Inc. of Kennewick and Walla Walla, WA Victims of Caller ID Spoof Phishing Scam

Scammers Lift Legitimate Main Number of Accredited Business (509-526-5026) to Purport Scam, Fake People Out

On July 15, 2010, it was brought to BBB's attention that this company's phone number 509-526-5026 is being Caller ID spoofed by scammers to purport a phishing scam. Here is the original warning from the bank whose name is being abused to purport this scam:

ScamAlert: Fraudulent Calls, Emails and Texts Continue About Umpqua Bank Debit Card and Credit Card

Umpqua Bank warns customers to not respond to fraudulent calls, texts and emails regarding their accounts. A number of Umpqua customers in Southern Oregon and Northern California have received phone calls, phone messages, emails or even text messages from someone claiming to be with Umpqua Bank. This person has claimed that the customer’s debit card or credit card has been deactivated and instructs them to reactivate their card. These calls, emails and texts are not coming from Umpqua Bank or our third party processors. Umpqua Bank’s security has in no way been breached, and customer communication procedures remain in place.

If you receive such a call or message, do not respond and/or call the number provided. Instead, report the call, text or email by contacting Umpqua Bank at 1-866-4UMPQUA highlighting (1-866-486-7782). Umpqua Bank will never request a card number, PIN, expiration date, or 3-digit number via phone, email or text. If you are an Umpqua Bank customer, we already have this information and would not ask you to re-submit it. If you or someone you know responded to a call or text with information about your cards or account, contact Umpqua Bank immediately at 1-866-4UMPQUA 1-866-486-7782.


PocketiNet, Inc. is in no way affiliated with this scam. BBB strongly urges anyone who receives such a call to not respond to it. Do not provide personal, sensitive information, even if the call states that "this is urgent," and "your information is required." This is a scam attempting to obtain your personal information for misuse. If you are a victim of this scam, please file a police report ASAP with your local police department, also report the abuse to your financial institution and to Umpqua Bank ASAP using the number in the warning above.