National Healthcare Association aka Healthcare Solutions of NE Sending Faxes to MT Businesses, Offering Healthcare

June 30, 2008

National Healthcare Association aka Healthcare Solutions of NE has Unsatisfactory BBB Report: Sending Faxes to MT Businesses, Offering Healthcare

National Healthcare Association aka Healthcare Solutions

3122 South Minnesota Avenue

Sioux Falls, SD 57105

(888) 229-8054

This company is faxing offers of healthcare coverage to Montana businesses. Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to two or more unresolved complaints. The Better Business Bureau urges caution regarding doing business with National Healthcare Association.

According to complaints received by the BBB, consumers were solicited by fax advertising healthcare rate plans with no annual deductibles, nationwide PPO network of doctors and $25 doctor visits.

Consumers allege that after providing personal identity information such as social security number and bank account or credit card information, this company charges between $324 and $424 by automatic withdrawal. Consumers claim to never receive any documentation regarding their 'healthcare coverage,' and to be treated rudely by National Healthcare representatives when this has been brought to their attention.

The BBB has found that the address confirmed by this company as their correct address is not recognized by the U.S. Postal Service.

Per BBB communication with Beech Street Corporation (including Best Care) is in no way contracted, affiliated or associated with National Healthcare Association. Beech Street advises that if you should receive or have received any materials by fax, mail or email from this entity purporting to represent or otherwise doing business with Beech Street Corporation, please contact your state Insurance Department and Beech Street Corporation at 800-233.2478.


As always, if you did not initiate a call regarding your business’ healthcare insurance, no matter what type of coverage it is, do not give out or confirm any of your personal information. If you are looking at switching or improving your business’ healthcare coverage, go with a legitimate healthcare insurance agency, and do your own research. Start With Trust by searching at: for reputable professionals in this industry who are accredited with the BBB.