Naming Names July 2012

August 23, 2012


The Naughty List

What is Naming Names about? Ethics and accountability. The Better Business Bureau seeks to advance marketplace trust by holding both BBB Accredited and non-accredited businesses accountable for their actions. Naming Names calls companies out by name for not answering consumer complaints during the previous month.

Central WA

4 Wheeling Plus

Advanced Comfort Systems

MPH Auto Repair

National Power Supply Inc.

Rudderbows Archery

Greater Spokane Region

A+ Institute Real Estate School
Auto Star Transport, Inc.
Bogles Auto & Truck Repair
Brain Research Lab LLC
Franklin Hills Health & Rehabilitation
Pink Poodle Pets and Grooming
Spokane Driving School, Inc.
Textphonic Communications Inc.

Universal Sales and Service

Southeast WA

Discount Car Sales, Inc.

Future Link Communications, Inc.

Genesis Satellite and Cable

Moon Security Services, Inc.

Richland Rehabilitation Center

Yonofoco Solar Store

North ID
Ridgeline Construction & Remodeling
Sherrer Contracting
Discount Vacuums
Rez Painting
A & J Hardison Excavation & Construction
Riggins Motel

Central MT
Geeks and Nerds Mobile
All Paws Great and Small Pet Crematory, Inc.

Western MT
Mountain Springs Spas

Repeat Offenders

Repeat offenders are companies that have a large number of complaints closed within a month; not based on their responses to complaints. The following businesses had 5 or more complaints closed in the month of May.

The Nice List

Our BBB offers customers the chance to write reviews about companies they’ve worked with. These are a few kind words we’ve seen about Accredited Businesses in the past month.


Ridgeline Roofing Cooperative LLC (Bozeman, MT)

“Just a short note to relay our gratitude for the manner in which our roof installation was performed. Through difficult weather conditions, and a project requiring highly engineered details, your men performed their trade in a very skillful fashion. I also want to commend your work crew for their manners and politeness shown to my family throughout the project. With best regards, Glenn” ~Glenn B.


Under The Sun, LLC (Spokane, WA)

“I submitted an email request for a quote through telling them the problem I was having. Within 15 minutes Joe from Under the Sun called me. I explained what was happening and that I was able to change outlets without a problem but this one was giving me a hard time. He explained what might be the problem and said rather than him come out and charge me for him to do it for me to try it myself. If it did not work for me to give him a call back. Well, it turns out he was right....I was able to fix it. Next time I have a problem that I am not able to fix I will be calling Under the Sun LLC for sure! Thanks again!” ~Brian W.


The Natural Abode, LLC (Moscow, ID)

“This business has excellent and personal customer service. I had some minor trouble with my order and they returned every phone call and email promptly and provided helpful assistance throughout the entire process. I cannot say enough good things about this business. Not only are their products of very good quality and exactly as advertised, they go out of their way to communicate with their customers. I wish more businesses would operate like this one.” ~Lauren N.

XYZ Administration, LLC (Spokane Valley, WA)

“XYZ handles all my bookkeeping needs. They do my payroll, bank reconciliations, pay my bills, and handle my taxes. I used to dread coming home from the field to do my paperwork. Now, I never worry. They are professional and easy to talk to. Their work is always fast and efficient. If I have any questions they are always their to help me. If I have a question they can't answer, they do the research and guide me. I always thought I couldn't afford a "bookkeeper". I was wrong! They do the work so much faster than I could that the value of my time and my business has increased. I'm so glad I gave them a chance. I would highly recommend XYZ Administration LLC to everyone who wants to have less time doing paper work and more time doing what you love.” ~Andrew T.

Looking Forward… Tips You Can Trust

Don’t Let Election Scammers Count on Your Support This Election Season

Better Business Bureau is advising voters to be on the lookout for the growing number of scams that are likely to continue leading up to the Presidential election.


Here are just a few of the election-related scams BBB is hearing about. Don’t fall for them!

There will not be a “free cruise” at the end of the voting survey. This public opinion poll scam typically involves a recorded announcement offering a “free cruise” in exchange for participating in a telephone survey.  At the end of the call consumers are asked for a debit or credit card number to cover “port fees” and taxes.  Consumers who hesitate or ask if they can call back in order to verify the caller’s identity are subject to high-pressure tactics, such as being told that the offer “is only good right now,” and that if they hang up they will be disqualified.

President Obama is not going to pay your utility bill. As nice as that would be, it’s not going to happen. Consumers have been contacted through fliers, social media, text messages, and even door-to-door with claims that President Obama is providing credits or applying payments to utility bills. Scammers claim they need the consumers' Social Security and bank routing numbers to arrange the payments. In return, customers are given a phony bank routing number that will supposedly pay their utility bills. In reality, there is no money, and customers believe they have paid their bills when in fact they have not. Worse, they’ve just given away everything needed for identity fraud.

Fundraising calls for political donations may not be real. Consumers have reported calls from organizations that sound legitimate, but may not really be related to either the Obama or Romney campaigns. If you aren’t sure, don’t donate over the phone. If you’d like to contribute to a political campaign or party, locate contact information yourself rather than giving out financial information to a caller. 

No one will check your eligibility to vote. Your voter registration record is with your state and no one is going to call or email you to verify your eligibility. What do these callers claim they need to check? Just your credit card or Social Security number. No way!

For more tips you can trust, visit, and to sign up for our weekly scam alerts, visit

What's Shakin' With Your BBB?

Advertising Review Shenanigans


Better Business Bureau was founded in 1912 as ‘Vigilance Committees’ who enforced truth in advertising. With products popping up claiming to cure illnesses, eliminate fat, and an array of other benefits, BBB believed in keeping consumers safe and educated.

100 year later, advertising review is still one of our core services. BBB Accredited Businesses receive a copy of our Code of Advertising brochure (also available online here). These guidelines remind businesses to advertise honestly – one of our Accreditation Standards.


When advertisements come across our radar that go against our Code of Advertising, we request the business to substantiate their claims or re-work their verbiage to cause the least amount of confusion for consumers.


In July, two following companies chose not to address BBB’s concerns regarding their advertisements:

Universal Sales & Service based in Spokane, WA, failed to respond to the BBB’s requests to substantiate its stated ‘Negotiable Dealer Doc Fee and lack of Vehicle Identification Number’ claims in their June 8, 2012 advertisement in the ‘Auto Clipper’ magazine.

Here are a few tips regarding auto dealer advertising from the Washington State Attorney General. 

Greenacres Motors based in Spokane Valley, WA, failed to respond to the BBB’s repeated requests to substantiate their ‘100% Approval Rate for No Credit or Bad Credit Consumers’ claims in their June 8, 2012 advertisement found in the ‘Auto Clipper’ magazine.

The BBB’s concerns regarding this claim may be found here under section 5 titled 'Credit.'

Clearing the Air

If there are any corrections or clarifications to make with any previous Naming Names releases, our policy is to post it and make it known in the next month’s Naming Names. 

The following business was initially listed in last month’s Naming Names, but addressed the complaint in question:

 Naming Names summarizes our region’s complaints for the previous month. Businesses that are called out have either failed to answer consumer complaints filed with the BBB, or they have received a high volume of complaints. We encourage ethical business standards and hold both accredited and non-accredited businesses accountable.

If any Accredited Business does not comply with our standards, the BBB suspends Accreditation and sends their status to the Board of Directors for review. Corrections and clarifications to previous Naming Names are welcome. Please send any questions or comments to