Naming Names February 2012

March 13, 2012


The Naughty List

What is Naming Names about? Ethics and accountability. The Better Business Bureau seeks to advance marketplace trust by holding both BBB Accredited and non-accredited businesses accountable for their actions. Naming Names calls companies out by name for not answering consumer complaints during the previous month.

Central WA
Good Shepherd Construction
Dan's The Man
Anthem Music
Vending Sales & Service, Inc
Calypso's Bridal and Quinceanera Boutique

Greater Spokane Region
Mobile Transport
Artistic Towing & Autobody
Cadewen L Studios
Family Auto Center
Regal Satellite LLC
Defreese Contractors
New Online Incomes
Other Mothers
PACLAB Northwest Laboratories

Southeast WA
TV Liberty Investments
Gold's Gym (Kennewick)
Fiesta Foods
New Style Pools
Royal Prestige
Kamiakin Apartments
Prints Underground
Washington Insurance Agency
Childer's Contracting Services
Genesis Satellite & Cable

North ID
David Lee Crum Contractor
King Vinyl Fence

Southeast MT
Heights Auto Brokers
Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center
USA Communications
Steve's Auto Sales

Central MT
Credit & Collection Solutions Inc
Plain Green Loans LLC
Bozeman Watch Co
Montana Opticom LLC

Western MT
Tech Service Company
Clawson Windows
Montana Custom Log Furniture
Blue Glass Enterprises, LLC  

Repeat Offenders

Repeat offenders are companies that have an excessive number of complaints closed within a month; not based on their responses to complaints. The following businesses had 5 or more complaints closed in the month of January.


The Nice List

Our BBB offers customers the chance to write reviews about companies they’ve worked with. These are a few kind words we’ve seen about Accredited Businesses in the past month.

Tri Cities Battery Inc.(Pasco, WA)

“Great customer service!!! They got me in right away and gave me a customer shuttle ride home. The service advisor called me with a complete estimate and explained all the problems to me in detail. I was abel to decide what repairs and services to do now and what I could hold off on. When the car was done they came to my house and picked me up the very next day. I was blown away when the invoice dollar was actually $35 dollars less than quoted, the service advisor told me he found one of the parts at a better price and passed the savings along. I will always use Tri-Cities Battery and Repair as my shop and I hope you give them a try too.” ~Lin J.

Air Care Services(Lewiston, ID)

“Terry Thompson, Owner and Operator of Air Care Services in Lewiston, Idaho, is by far the single best person my wife and I have ever had the good fortune to have work on our home. Thanks to Terry's hard work, diligence, and dedication to his profession, our home was made habitable, and can now be heated uniformly, our ducts are now spotlessly clean and free of the dead mice, nests, and waste left behind by one of Terry's unscrupulous competitors in the Lewiston, ID area. I cannot begin to recommend Terry highly enough, he sincerely takes pride in the quality of his work and it shows in every aspect of how he treated us and our home and in the impeccable results he produced. I have never encountered a harder working, more honest, more reputable home repair or service person in my life. He is an outstanding individual, and an incredibly hard worker. My wife and I cannot thank Terry enough for his hard work and determination in doing the job of cleaning our ducts right, where his competitor had failed miserably. I firmly believe some people are just better at their jobs than other people, and Terry Thompson is the very best around at cleaning ducts. He earns the right to be proud of the work he does, we are lucky to have found him, and we would highly and unreservedly recommend his services to anyone who seeking to have their ducts professionally and thoroughly cleaned. Thank you Terry!” ~Tom B.

Sam’s Lawn, Tree and Landscaping(Spokane, WA)

“I had Sam's Lawn & Tree do some major tree work in Sherwood Forest; Spokane Valley. We had never had any work done so my pine trees were in pretty bad shape with lots of dead branches. Sam's was referred to me by my brother inlaw who was very happy with Sam's service. I did get several bids. Sam took the time to explain what needed to be done. They climbed all the way to the top of over 20 trees and selectively removed branches. Other companies bidding would have just trimmed up so many feet and not taken the extra time to selectivly remove branches. I would highly recomend Sam's Lawn & Tree!” ~Richard B.     

Looking Forward… Tips You Can Trust

Pin Your Consumers’ Interest – Pinterest Captivates the Visual Audience

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have dominated the world of social media. However, it’s time to make way for a new, growing social media outlet that’s perfect for small businesses –Pinterest. Pinterest is the new, flashy way to share business logos, business products and the contributing content of other businesses and the like. Better Business Bureau offers business owners some tips to see if Pinterest is right for their business.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board that allows users to “pin” and organize images to specific categories of interest. When using it for business purposes, business owners can pin images of their business logos, business coupons and discounts, and other consumer-friendly images. Followers of that business can then like, comment or re-pin the image to their own boards, and continue on to the business site where the image originated. According to the retail deal site,, Pinterest has brought a 446 percent increase in web traffic to their business’ site.

When setting up a Pinterest account, business owners should consider the following:

Pinterest is a great way to spread the news and drive sales. Is your business having a can’t-be-beat sale on back-to-school items, shirts and shoes, flashy watches? Is your restaurant serving a new, delicious item on the menu tonight? Without getting too promotional, Pinterest can make these images catchy and fun.

Pinterest is perfect for those who like to share. Nobody likes a self-absorbed, over-sharer, but on Pinterest your business can not only share the images that pertain to your business, but the images of other users as a way of saying “Hey, I find this funny and it relates to our mission, too. Check this out!”

Is Pinterest right for your business? Since Pinterest doesn’t technically have any “business” features on their site yet, and their boards are more visually based, it may be hard to lure in potential customers, but it may be worth a shot. Social media is a growing attraction to all demographics and if your business wants to keep up with the times, BBB recommends trying new social media outlets to enhance your brand visibility.       

What’s Shakin’ With Your BBB?

BBB Logo Contest!

The most effective way to promote your BBB Accredited Business standing is by proudly displaying the BBB logo for customers to see. We want to help shout your trustworthiness from the rooftops by showing off pictures of the BBB logo with your company. Vehicle decals, plaques, and dynamic seals on your website are just a few ideas.

What do you need to do? Email us a picture of the BBB logo in your place of business or with your staff. Creativity counts! All submissions by April 13, 2012 will be entered to win a special BBB logo prize. Send all photos to with your business name, contact person, and phone number. All entered photos will be added to our BBB Facebook page to promote your company as well.

Now get snappin’!

Read the contest rules here, and like our Facebook page here to get immediate scam updates.    

Clearing the Air

If there are any corrections or clarifications to make with any previous Naming Names releases, our policy is to post it and make it known in the next month’s Naming Names.

The following company was initially listed in January's Naming Names, but addressed the complaints in question:

 Naming Names summarizes our region’s complaints for the previous month. Businesses that are called out have either failed to answer consumer complaints filed with the BBB, or they have received a high volume of complaints. We encourage ethical business standards and hold both accredited and non-accredited businesses accountable.

If any Accredited Business does not comply with our standards, the BBB suspends Accreditation and sends their status to the Board of Directors for review. Corrections and clarifications to previous Naming Names are welcome. Please send any questions or comments to