Request a Quote


BBB Request-a-Quote program is a fast, free way for consumers who need an estimate on products or services to get in contact with ethical, BBB Accredited Businesses that can help. All a customer needs to do is click on the Request a Quote button directly from your company’s BBB Business Review. From there, the consumer is asked to provide general contact information, best times to be contacted and a description of the product or service needed. The consumer may choose to send the request to only your business, or to multiple businesses within their search. 

When a consumer selects your business and completes the form, you will receive an email with the subject line “Lead from BBB” sent to the email address that our office has on file for your business. This email will contain the information provided by the consumer, including how to contact him or her with the requested quote or information.

Be sure to respond to these emails, as they might lead to potential business! It is important that you check your BBB Business Review often to ensure that wehave the most up to date contact information and email address for your company on file. Consumer requests for electronic quotes will be sent directly to the email account that we have in our database. If you want to verify or change the email address we send these consumer requests to, please contact our office at (903)581-5888 or 

The Request a Quote Feature is also available for your Business' Facebook page! For instructions,please send us an email